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Against the Current – Gravity | EP Review

Pop-rock three-piece Against the Current are back with their new happy-go-lucky EP Gravity. Check out what we thought of it right here!

Source: Album artwork

Source: Album artwork

New Jersey three-piece Against the Current have made waves with their sweet ‘n’ simple style of infectious pop-rock, putting a smile of the faces of many. Almost one year on from the release of their EP Infinity, Against the Current are back with their latest release, Gravity.

We’re about to blow your mind. Are you ready? Okay, here we go… Against the Current are a female-fronted rock band who DO NOT SOUND LIKE PARAMORE. Mind blown, right?!

But seriously, the opening title track bounds in with a boisterous riff and punchy pop vocals that hold a touch of mischief, more akin to feisty rock band Tonight Alive. This spunky attitude continues with ‘Paralyzed’ and, with sassy yet pitch-perfect vocals and an instantly catchy beat, has us singing along in no time (although we might not sound quite as good…)

There are moments that verge on the sugary side, as the indie-pop ‘Talk’ tells us all about some annoying guy who has pissed off frontwoman Chrissy Costanza and almost transcends into Avril Lavigne mode – however, it’s saved from this irritating pop doom by its upbeat yet authentic ‘90s alt-rock melody.

Gravity only stumbles ever so slightly when it comes to ‘Dreaming Alone’ and ‘Brighter’, the EP’s ballad tracks. While we can’t fault the professionalism and delicacy with which these gentler tracks are handled – the inclusion of male vocals creates a beautiful to-and-fro harmony and the gorgeous piano tunes show us just how polished these guys are – slower tracks always leave a band incredibly exposed. Against the Current are a light, sweet band who excel at bringing bounce to their music; however, they become vulnerable with these tracks and, in turn, they just don’t stand out as much. There’s nothing wrong with the ballads, but Against the Current really shine when it comes to fun and if they move too far from that they might end up in the shadows.

It’s not an earth-shattering, ground-breaking, avant-garde masterpiece that will make you question every piece of music you’ve ever heard before, but it is a wildly entertaining record that will definitely perk you up on a down day.

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