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5 Reasons Why Seaway’s New Album Colour Blind Rules!

Canadian pop punk crew Seaway are back with their new album ‘Colour Blind’. Check out the 5 reasons why it kicks ass!

Colour Blind - Seaway

Source: Album Artwork

Canadian pop punk band Seaway are mere days away from dropping their sophomore album Colour Blind via Pure Noise Records.

The Ontario-based quintet have been killing it in the pop punk scene since the release of their mega-tune ‘Sabrina The Teenage Bitch’, but most people began to take serious notice of the band after the release of their EP All In My Head, which features the other (hilarious) mega-track ‘Your Best Friend’.

Colour Blind is the band’s first full-length released on Pure Noise Records, and we gotta say, they’re making the label very proud. Kickass punchy melodies, catchy upbeat lyrics, and more fun than a wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man!

Here’s 5 reasons why Colour Blind rules:

  1. It’s fun – Seaway are known for their cheeky lyrics, and bouncy, energetic melodies, and this album is no different. It’s one big pop punk party from start to finish. Even slower tracks like ‘Stubborn Love’, ‘Growing Stale’ and ‘Goon’ are entertaining and lively as hell. This album just really makes you want to get up and move.
  2. It doesn’t sound like everything else– It’s getting harder and harder to differentiate modern pop punk bands from each other, and the term generic is being used much more frequently nowadays. But luckily for us, and them, Seaway have effortlessly found their sound, and it’s something distinct, cool and exciting.
  3. It’s classic pop punk meets modern pop punk– The album smoothly blends new pop punk with a more classic, 90s pop punk sound. Throughout the whole album there’s a very The Starting Line vibe (which we really love), especially in tracks ‘Turn Me Away’ and ‘Best Mistake’ – which is definitely one of our favourites on the album.
  4. Ryan Locke and Patrick Carleton’s vocals – There has not been a more perfect duo since Jay and Silent Bob. Patrick’s smooth, soft voice is in perfect harmony with Ryan’s more strained, raw vocals. They compliment each other really well.
  5. There are no bad songs on the album – It’s 12 tracks of pure bliss. Every song is as equally fun, catchy and bouncy as the next. Previously released single, ‘Freak, is especially addictive. That chorus man! ‘Big Deal’ is also a proper banger. (Yes, when something is really good, we get proper English!)

Colour Blind is an extremely fun, fresh and energetic album, but we weren’t really expecting anything less from Seaway. All 12 tracks of Colour Blind are catchy, clever, and make you want to put the album on repeat 10 times…. I did while writing this.

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