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5 Reasons ‘Judas’ By Fozzy Is A Killer Album | Review

American metal crew Fozzy have just released their new album Judas. Check out what we thought of it here!


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American metal crew Fozzy have just released their new album Judas and, like most of their other stuff, it’s pretty great. The band, consisting of one of the greatest wrestlers in history, Chris Jericho, has been combining chunky riffs and melodic rock vocals since their first release in 2000. And their new album Judas isn’t any different. Punchy refrains and dark, heavy melodies are in the forefront of this new release—and we’re loving it!

The tracks on the album aren’t particularly complex or unnecessarily intricate. In actuality, the songs are really quite simple and straightforward—which is probably why the record is so brilliant.

There are a lot of reasons why this album should be in your collection, or at the very least in your favourite heavy metal Spotify playlist, but we’ve narrowed it down to our top 5! Check out the 5 reasons why Judas rules.

  1. Non-stop rocking from start to finish – Chunky title track ‘Judas’ kicks off the album on a high, but it doesn’t stop there. The record just gets louder, faster and more intense with each passing track
  2. The opening “hey hey hey” chant to the ballad-esque, weighty ‘Painless’ – The track features a moody, mid-tempo tune and a giant, ascending chorus. It’s one of the best (and catchiest) on the album.
  3. There’s a song named ‘Drinkin’ With Jesus’ – The only thing better than the song title is its enormous, electric riffs. (The guitar solo in this track literally floors us!)
  4. The chorus to the electronic-infused ‘Weight Of My World’ – Sounding almost like a heavy metal club track, the buzzy tune includes funky guitar flourishes and thick, smooth vocals.
  5. The album effortlessly blends the harsh and heavy with the melodic and spirited – Fozzy are constantly improving the quality of their tracks and making their tunes (and presence in rock) bigger and better. Judas highlights just how skilled the band has become in the art of heavy metal.

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