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With A New Album In The Midst Here’s Why We’re Excited For The New Blink 182 Album

Pop punk legends blink-182 have revealed that they will begin writing their new album this year! Check out the info and the reasons why we’re excited here!


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Blink fans, this is not a drill! Blink-182 have revealed that they will be writing their new album this year!

“We’ll take a little bit of time off, and then at the end of this year we’ll go back in the studio and start writing the next album,” says Mark Hoppus in an interview with Apple Music.

And in honour of this wonderful news, here are some of the reasons why we’re excited to hear the new album:

  1. It’s new Blink music! We will always be stoked.
  2. California was an amazing addition to the Blink discography, and kickstarted the new phase of the band with the brilliant Matt Skiba. So we know this new album will be even bigger, bolder and pop-punkier!
  3. With one album already under their belts, maybe people will stop comparing old Blink and new Blink and will just accept this current, just-as-awesome era.
  4. Did we mention it’s new Blink music?

And here’s what we secretly hope it sounds like:

  1. blink-182 meets Wayne’s World – “Excellent, party time..”
  2. Mark Hoppus’ most hilarious tweets set to music
  3. A super-extended-extra-long version of ‘Built This Pool’

But before these pop-punk hereos write their new record, they will be releasing the deluxe version of California on the 19th May. And causing a ruckus on our side of the world with their July UK tour. We’re beyond stoked!

Check out their new track ‘Misery’ from the deluxe version of California below.

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