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There’s A New Pop-Punk Supergroup And Our Metalcore Hearts Love It!

This weekend, we got one of the best early Christmas presents we have had in a long time. Check out what it was here!

Ben Bruce

Source: Promo Image

It was a tremendous weekend for metalcore and pop-punk fans, as From First To Last‘s Matt Good announced via Twitter that he is in a brand new band with two very special companions.

The new band is called Kill It With Fire and we are willing to wager that it is one of the most kick-ass new band names around. Good will be filling out vocals and guitar, while Ben Bruce of Asking Alexandria will also be on guitar duties and Zack Hansen from The Word Alive will be on bass.

Just imagine that. A transcontinental amalgamation of Dear Diary, My Teenage Angst Has A Body Count and Reckless & Relentless, peppered with hints of Deceiver. Now imagine that as performed by Blink 182 or New Found Glory. Yes, you can continue to squeal with delight.

We can expect the first album to be wrapped up before Christmas like the perfect little gift this will surely be, but in the meantime, sadly that’s all we know. More details will emerge in due course (like who’s going to play drums for the band – we hear As I Lay Dying‘s Jordan Mancino is available!) and you can bet your bottom dollar we will bring you those updates in a fantastically thrilled fashion.

Anyway, read the tweets below just to clarify that yes, this is happening and mark the Christmas period on your calendars for the best reason since, well – Christmas.

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