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Pokémon Go Metal? What The F**k?!

We’re not sure if this metal Pokémon Go parody is stupid or genius but we’re loving it anyway! Check out the video and our top 3 lyrics here.

Source: Video Screenshot

Source: Video Screenshot

With the current widespread obsession with Pokémon Go seemingly snowballing out of control, it was only a matter of time before the metal world made its mark on the whole situation.

Former The Swellers frontman Nick Diener has posted a Pokémon Go metal parody video on his YouTube channel, titled ‘Catch ‘Em All’. This isn’t your regular metal parody though – the Pokémon-related lyrics are to the tune and backing track of King 810‘s ‘Kill ‘Em All’, and for a video game full of cute creatures, this track is hilariously dark humoured.

Is this video a worthy winner of the Pokémon League? We’re undecided here at MOSH, but here are our top three lyrics from ‘Catch ‘Em All’:

Chase ’em down, put their fucking bodies in a ball

Blimey, that’s a bit brutal, we don’t want any Pokémon casualties here. Where’s Nurse Joy when you need her?

Pikachu you’re a yellow overrated piece of shit

Not sure we agree with this line here but it’s pretty funny all the same, especially when the words are spat out with such venomous rage.

Do you know what it’s like to lose a fight or when a Charizard breaks loose?!

Damn, this guy really gets us 🙁

Check out the video for ‘Catch ‘Em All’ below.

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