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Five Finger Death Punch Files Lawsuit Against Record Label Prospect Park

Things are looking messy!

Five Finger Death Punch

Source: Graham Berry

Uh oh, it seems that the Five Finger Death Punch/ Prospect Park situation just keeps getting messier. To get you all caught up, last year the band’s longtime record label sued them for not delivering the album required under their recording contract. The record label also claimed that the band wanted to rush the recording process of their album thus with limited creative input, in order to beat the anticipated “downfall” of lead singer Ivan Moody.

In the latest development, the band are biting back with a lawsuit of their own, claiming they are currently being “held hostage by their “sinking ship” of a record label.” Five Finger Death Punch are asking the judge to release them from their recording contract as well as demanding over $1 million in damages. Whatever is happening here, it looks like it’s just about to get even messier – yikes.

Lawsuits aside, if you’re a Five Finger Death Punch fan, you’ll be able to catch the band back in the UK at this year’s Download Festival in June.


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