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5 Reasons Trivium’s New ‘Dead And Gone’ Video Makes No Sense

Watching Trivium’s new video for ‘Dead And Gone’ has left us with many questions. Can you help us answer them by watching it here?


Source: Facebook Page

Trivium have released a new video for their track ‘Dead And Gone‘. It seems like it was deliberately designed to make the fans think, as their is plenty of symbolism involved. It made us think a little too hard though, and now we have way more questions than answers. Here’s why we can’t make heads nor tails of the clip.

1.If the old guy pulls a drip out of his arm, he is probably too ill to go for a wander and should die pretty near the beginning. Instead, he takes some pills and runs after the creepy omen outside his window. Not a great idea if you are on the brink of death.

2. The masked guy looks creepy and evil as if to suggest he is a death omen. If that’s the case, why does he seem to resurrect the old man after his heart attack in the boat?

3. During the ‘drowning’ scene, the old guy is shown with a black cape. Is he both the victim and the monster here?

4. How does one bury themselves after a heart attack? Because that’s what’s implied at the end of the video. It jumps between the old man in the ground being buried by the masked man, then the old man doing the digging.

5. Finally, if the song is called ‘Dead and Gone’, why isn’t the old man dead and gone at the end of the video. We clearly see him alive in the final shot as he walks away from what should have been his grave.

Watch it here and see if you can answer any of our questions

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