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First Impression’s of Judas Priest’s ‘Firepower’

We check out the title track from the legendary heavy metal bands upcoming album

Image Source: Album Artwork

Do you really need an introduction as to why Judas Priest are? Just in case you do – the midlands heavy metal act are one of the most legendary, respected acts to ever turn their hands into a devil horned symbol. With a career spanning close to 50 years – the quintet are the heavy metal act that you know surely can’t have much left in the tank, yet you’re still not prepared to say goodbye to.

The title track from their upcoming 18th (no, seriously) studio album tells tales of a band who have been there, and done it a few hundred times. It’s not a colossal, mainstream disrupting opus such as classics Breaking The Law or Painkiller, but there’s still enough here to dig your teeth into.

Gritting rhythm guitar in the verse provides the backbone to Rob Halford‘s punchy chimes with the added bonus of two super proficient solos which wince their way to prosperity. It’s not the quality of a band at their best, but it’s the quality of a legendary band with enough fuel left in the tank to still be of interest almost 5 decades after their inception.

Check out ‘Firepower’ below:

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