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Casey – Bruise | First Impressions

South Wales quintet Casey have just released their new single ‘Bruise’. Check out our first impressions of the track here!


Source: Martyna Wisniewska

South Wales quintet Casey have just released their new single ‘Bruise’.

The track is taken from their upcoming sophomore album Where I Go When I Am Sleeping, which is set for release on the 16th March.

“Bruise explores how I feel now about the topics I was writing about on the first record,” says vocalist Tom Weaver. “It also looks forward, introducing the idea that the experiences I’ve been through have left me in a fragile state, which leads into a feeling of guilt and of insufficiency, not feeling deserving enough of happiness.”

The twinkly, atmospheric track begins with a one-minute instrumental, and we are already in a calm, soothed state. The vocals come through echoed and angelic. And while the melody picks up slightly towards the middle, it stays pretty steady and delicate throughout. The song is gentle and calming but sad throughout–the dark, moody undertones are a constant. ‘Bruise’ features its fair share of passionate screams, but the real focus in the track is its beautiful, mesmerising and fluid melody.

Listen to the track below.

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