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Against The Current – Strangers Again + Almost Forgot | First Impressions

Our first impressions of Against The Current’s two brand new tracks…

Against The Current

Source: PR

Against The Current have all the makings of a rock band — they’re signed to punk haven label Fueled By Ramen, their live shows have a full band set-up, and they’ve toured with the likes of All Time Low and Fall Out Boy. Their downfall in all of this, however? They’re poppier than a Fanta factory.

New tracks ‘Strangers Again‘ and ‘Almost Forgot‘ are a true testament to that fact. Between the over-produced, auto-tuned vocals and lack of any real guitar parts, it’s clear that Against The Current are desperate to appear commercial rather than be seen as sticking to their roots. It’s a sad loss for the rock industry — sort of, since they are still classed as alternative so will be forced on to that side of the fence regardless of how far they divert from a traditional rock sound.

We’ve seen this sort of drastic change before, in bands like Paramore, but the fact of the matter is that Against The Current have never been the heaviest of bands anyway. These new songs will no doubt go down a treat with their devoted fanbase, but they leave a lot to be desired for those who want a bit more bang for their buck. Literally.

Next thing we know they’ll be touring with Britney Spears…

You can check out both of Against The Current’s new tracks, ‘Strangers Again’ and ‘Almost Forgot’, below. If you dare…

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