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3 Things Younger Bands Could Learn From Deftones

With the release of their new track we reckon younger bands could learn a thing or two from the legendary alt-rock band that is Deftones.


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Legendary rock band Deftones have released the music video for their new single ‘Prayers/Triangles‘ today. The single is taken from their latest album Gore, which has been met with enormous critical acclaim and fan adoration since its recent release.

Deftones have been around the block and, seeing as their seventh studio album after over 25 years as a band has become one of their most successful to date, it’s pretty clear that they know what they’re doing. After such a good run in the game, they could definitely show new bands today a thing or two. We reckon there are just a few lessons young bands could learn from the likes of Deftones.  

1. Don’t let yourself be put into a box

Deftones have always been a fist-pumping arena alt-rock band at heart, but that hasn’t stopped them injecting a variety of influences into their music from other genres. Deftones have toyed with aspects of shoegaze and psychedelia over the years, and have had descriptions thrown at them ranging from nu-metal to experimental rock, stoner rock to post-hardcore, and everything in between. Instead of losing their identity, Deftones owned their mixture of sounds and let it define them.

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