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Kanye West’s Mustard Stained Polo Could Be Yours For $400

Bandulu are selling replicas of Kanye West’s mustard stained shirt from his 2004 ‘All Falls Down’ music video. Find out more here.

Source: Bandulu

Source: Bandulu

“Pink ass polos and a fucking backpack,” rapped Kanye West on his latest album Yeezus. Sharing his dedication to the classic Ralph Lauren shirt, according to Complex, West named dropped the brand eight times across his albums. Now that’s dedication to the Polo.

But now you can also dedicate yourself by replicating Kanye’s preppy style. Bandulu, a brand that ‘takes quality vintage clothing and rejuvenates life into them through hand embellishments’ have created its own version of the pink Polo West wears in his music video for ‘All Falls Down’ from 2004 album The College Dropout. The piece comes complete with bright yellow mustard stain squirted down the front, as it appears in the video.

So although you’ll have to drop the hefty price of $400 for the piece and you may spend a lot of time explaining how your shirt “isn’t stained”, for Kanye worshippers, this is the piece for you. (Or you could just DIY one for a lot less)

Source: Youtube Screenshot

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