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Kanye West – Blkkk Skkknhd (Video)

FINALLY!!! Kanye West is at your command in brand new “BLKKK SKKKNHD” video

Say what you want about Lord Yeezus (Kanye West to those who not in the know) but he’s different. Here we have the official video for “BLKKK  SKKKNHD“. Some of you may remember a leaked version earlier this month featuring a cgi Kanye jumping around, some angry dogs and a weird bondage creature. Well in case you were worried maybe the whole thing had been scrapped in favour of a more standard video, fear not, all that weirdness is still here. Only now we have some special features such as: your cursor being transformed from your standard black arrow/point finger set up to a lovely big black middle finger. A button where you can take a picture of the video at any time and instantly upload it to instragram. And an option to play the speed at whatever tempo you feel. The video can be viewed here. It’s Kanye so it’s banana’s which is to be expected. In other news Kanye continues his war against the paparazzi, this time getting physical with a pap, so physical in fact paramedics were called to the scene. Singer Cher took to Twitter to praise him whilst regaling her own paparazzi horror stories, but some have condemned the confrontation as a “step too far” we’ll have to wait and see if he comes to regret it. In even more Kanye news, Mr West has recently claimed that the second verse on his track “New Slaves” is the greatest verse of all time. We’ll let you be the judge as both “Blkkk Sknhd” and “New Slaves” are featured on his sixth studio album “Yeezus” which is out now.

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