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Interview: Strategy (HTF Exclusive)

So recently HTF caught up with non other than Strategy to find out what he has been up to recently, and as ever there was more talk of the Cornish Pasty. Click here to find out what happened when Emilie HTF met Strategy.

Despite Strategy’s infamous collaboration with Dub Phizix and Skeptical on the track ‘Marka‘, this “Costa Del Salford” lad is also known for being one part of hip hop group Broke N English. Despite his previous successes as an artist, he is currently working behind the scenes with Estate Recordings (a record label part owned by Broke N English) which is churning out some of the most promising urban acts of 2012. So when HTF got the chance to catch up with this fella we definately couldn’t resist. So here is what happened when our gorgeous Emilie from Hit The Floor met Strategy

HTF: Hi Strategy, thank you for chatting with us today! How are you?

Strategy: You know when you wake up and you realise that your hangover hasn’t really kicked in yet, but you definitely know it’s imminent. That’s me now…Lets make this quick.

HTF: Ready when you are. Now, for those who don’t know who you are, you are in fact one part of Manchester’s finest hip-hop group ‘Broke n English’. It’s fair to say you guys have some pretty big tracks out there at the moment including HTF’s favourite ‘Tryin’. Would you like to tell us a little bit more about what you guys are up to at the moment?

Stategy: I’m at college, DRS is tryna find himself and i haven’t seen KonnyKon since the #Kony2012 campaign started. Other that we are tryna make Skittles rich before he gets himself locked up. Its all about Estate Recordings though, that’s where all our energy is at the moment. We recently released “Poor with £100 Trainers” by Skittles, “Blowfish” by Chimpo and we have a stack of material by loads of artists coming this out for us!

HTF: HTF have a lot of love for the track ‘Costa Del Salford’ where you deploy a tongue in check approach to talk about what life was like growing up in Salford. You obviously are very proud of where you are from but there were obviously some battles you had to go through to get to where you are today. What is your advice to any aspiring hip hop artists?

Strategy: Get a real job, this music thing isn’t all its cracked up to be. Never met so many dick heads in my life.

HTF: Errrmmm… okay then. So HTF recently caught up with Dub Phizix who we know you have a strong working relationship with. Perhaps the biggest example of this was your collaboration together on the track ‘Marka’ where you don a particularly unique outfit. Would you like to tell us about the experience of working on this track and about your choice of attire for the video?

Strategy: I wrote and recorded the track in about an hour because DubPhizix’s studio is proper hot – if you chill in there with him for too long you come out smelling like rust mixed with salt and vinegar chipsticks. DubPhizix didn’t actually do much on the production side, he did the hi-hats and me and Skeptical did the good bits.

That was some proper authentic native American gear in the video. I got it off a guy in scarborough who then accused us of stealing it when we had already paid for it up front with D-Bridges money. He had scarborough police chasing me up and down the country for a couple of months. True stories. It’s over now though and he dropped the charges. FTP

HTF: Brilliant! So Manchester is currently churning out some of the most promising artists within hip hop and drum & bass at the moment, are there any artists from Manchester that you’re really excited about that we might not have heard of?

Strategy: Firstly anyone on Estate Recordings, you know we are taking over don’t ya?! Artists like T-Man, Rolla, Sparkz, Biome, Compa, Chunky, Dom Hz, RedIQ, Musky Linger and Trippy Solo. Literally too many to mention. This next year is gonna be prodigious. Jalopity Space Wagon is gonna smash it!

HTF: In terms of your own work, who have been the most influential artists to you?

Strategy: Probs DRS. Hes like the big brother that you cant get rid of who comes round when your on the way to work so he can chill in your gaff while your out all day grafting. Also Mikey DON put me on my first ever tune with Roots Manuva when I was about 18 or summat. Cant forget that. Wanker.

HTF: When HTF caught with Dub Phizix, he expressed a lot of love for the Cornish pasty (and rightly so), do you like Cornish pasties?

Strategy: Nah im boycotting them because of the governments newly introduced “pasty tax” which is a fucking travesty. If you’re from outside the UK and you read this, look it up and see how our country is run by a bunch of fucking wicknibblers that wanna fuck with the poor mans dinner.

HTF: Who would of thought the Cornish Pasty would be the key to fixing the UK’s economic issues ay?… Anyway, If you were to take HTF to a party, where would you take us and what would we be drinking?

Strategy: Skittles gaff. Either a pint of brandy with a shot of coke in it or a Appletons rum and ice out of a scooped out pineapple. House specialities. Our parties have been known to go on till 4pm the next day, not many people are mentally strong enough to make it that far, are you?

HTF: HTF have to get up at 4.00am… try that for a laugh. Anyway If you weren’t in the music business, what would you be?

Strategy: Probably a known TWOC’er on TheCostaDelSalford.

HTF: What is your best chat-up line?

Strategy: You smell nice, did you run here?

HTF: That’s lovely, but we won’t be stealing that one from you anytime soon. So what do women want?

Strategy: I just asked my mrs and she said she doesn’t know so I asked her what she wants from me and she said “ask me questions, be friendly and don’t scowl when you see me”…Bitch wants it all!

HTF: We hope you take her advice. Do you love HTF magazine?

Strategy: No because your website tried to give my computer a virus..slags

[HTF would like to add that this issue has now been resolved]

HTF: Oh You bloody cheeky f***er… Thank you so much for taking the time to chat to us today Mr.Strategy!

Strategy: Suite!

HTF: Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafe.

Interviewer: Emilie Hickling (HTF)

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