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Interview: Geko (Exclusive)

HTF caught up with the USG member Geko for an exclusive interview – Read here!

GekoPeoples negative views of the direction Urban music is heading have been heard loud and clear for sometime. The US were saved by their very own Kendrick Lamar and HTF believe the UK’s answer is from the 16 year old Manchester MC, Geko. Why? Geko caught the ear of Charlie Sloth where he exposed the talents of the young artist through a historic ‘Fire In The Both‘ session. The depth and maturity into his session out shining many established artist and  set a platform a huge level of respect. Now Geko has released his first official single ‘Heartless‘ and is working on an album. Here’s what happened when HTF caught up with Geko himself.

HTF: Yo Geko, thanks for taking some time out to speak to us at HTF. First things first, how’s life treating you?

Geko: Life’s been good, were all just putting in that hard work to try and get to where we want to be.

HTF: Geko at 16 you spit real mature and deep lyrics tell us where did get all this inspiration from and where did you learn to deliver with so much an impact?

Geko: The inspiration comes from my life and things that happen around me, I only write about reality so thats where the deep lyrics and the strong delivery comes from.

HTF: So it’s been over a year since your appearance on Charlie Sloths ‘Fire In The Booth’ where has music taken you since then?

Geko: That really put me on a good platform, I was the youngest to be in that booth so I had that in mind and now from then all its been is elevation and hopefully it carries on this way.

HTF: Supporting the likes of Tinie Tempah and Big Sean in front of your home city must of been an honour. How did this all come about?

Geko: That was an achievement, performing in front of a big crowd of people that aren’t here for you and to show them what you can do is a bit of pressure as you never know what the reaction will be, but thankfully it was good so it was a good sign.

HTF: For those at home who don’t know about USG would you be able to tell them about what it stands for and who’s apart of it?

Geko: Unfortunate Souls Grieve. Squingy, Lefty, K Koke, Ex, Don Jaga and Aystar.

HTF: How’s it being a rapper from Manchester? Do you find it hard to be recognised or find it more of a struggle then rappers in London?

Geko: It is hard to get recognised when you’re a rapper from Manchester but now that I’m with USG I have no problem what so ever but for others in this city its a struggle.

HTF: Heartless is your first official single, tell us about the making of the track?

Geko: Heartless come about by us booking studio sessions and me coming in with what i’ve wrote, I had that concept in mind and when I put it down on the instrumental it sounded good, so we took it from there.

HTF: Now you’ve given us a taster of your first official single, how long will we have to wait from your first official album?

Geko: We will be releasing a second single soon then the official EP ‘Plan Of The Future’ in December and the official album will be worked on in 2014.

HTF: Stepping back from music, what does Geko do when he’s concentrating on music?

Geko: In Manchester either in college or out and about with my people.

HTF: What do you plan to do for your 18th Birthday?

Geko: I don’t have a clue! Hopefully have a crazy party and then get Rihanna in a room in the hilton

HTF: Thanks for spending time with us Geko. Before we go is there anything you’d like to plug or say to your fans?

Geko: Get at me on twitter @GekoUSGENT + Instagram @GekoInsta

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