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50 Cent Tells Floyd Mayweather To Leave T.I.’s Wife Alone

50 Cent posts an instagram video telling Floyd Mayweather to leave T.I.’s wife Tiny alone.

50 Cent is at it again. 50 took to Instagram and addressed the feud between rapper T.I. and Floyd Mayweather. He posted a screenshot of TMZ’s capture of the moment when T.I.’s wife Tiny, ignores Mayweather as he tries to grab her attention at a recent red carpet event.

The photo had the following caption, “Now what the fuck is champ doing with TI woman again. He think shit sweet man DAMN. Leave the man lady alone Floyd. I’m call you to talk.”

“Champ, what the fuck are you doin’?” 50 Cent says in an Instagram video. “You better make this shit make sense. You must think this nigga a bitch. You don’t play with a man wife like that, man. Man, you gon’ get shot over this shit, man. Man, even a bitch-ass nigga will shoot you for some shit like that.”

Watch 50’s response below-

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