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Stand Up or Sit Down? We Decide The Correct Etiquette At Gigs

To sit or not to sit? That is the question!

Elton John

Source: Official Facebook Page

Seated gigs have long caused controversy amongst live music fans. People either love them, hate them or love to hate them. Those of us who attend a lot of pop shows have to put up with being told where to sit more often than not. Even at Busted‘s recent reunion tour, where the majority of the crowd were 20+, fans had to sit down in their given row and seat number. Is it a safety thing? Is it just easier for the venue that way? Who knows, but when someone finds the spot they’ll be stuck in for the next four hours, it seems only right that they should be able to act how they like – within reason, of course.

Elton John recently scorned security guards during his show at Leicestershire County Cricket Club when he noticed them telling fans to sit down. “Security guards please sit down otherwise I am not going to do the rest of the concert and you’ll get in f**king trouble,” he said, “now sit down, you pr**ks!” You go, Elton! We totally agree with him. Unless the crowd was climbing over chairs or throwing them at people, why should they have to sit down?

When a band you love announces a tour, there’s always that simultaneous feeling of excitement at being able to see them live but dread fighting thousands of other people for a ticket. After all these years we’ve still not worked out whether there’s skill involved or whether it’s just luck, but when you finally get that confirmation page you’re so breathless and sweaty you feel like you’ve just run a marathon. You earned that ticket, and if you somehow managed to nab a seat with a great view too, aka near to your baes, even better!

After all, the ticket stress and spending all that money you were supposed to be saving, you should be allowed to enjoy your evening exactly how you want to, right? Right. Except sometimes people don’t make it that easy. If it’s not jobsworth stewards shining a torch in your eye for standing up – god forbid – it’s probably the person sat behind you tapping you on the shoulder to moan about the way you’re acting. “Can you sit down please? I can’t see anything.” Erm, no? How about you stand up?! If you weren’t planning on standing, maybe you should’ve bought a ticket right at the back where all the boring people belong. Sorry not sorry. When you’ve paid the same amount of money as the person trying to tell you what to do, this just isn’t okay.

It’s a well known fact that no matter what gig you’re attending, the majority of people will stand at some point. If someone doesn’t like that, they should probably stay at home. Have you ever tried to actually sit through an entire gig before? It’s one of the most boring, frustrating experiences in the world. If you’re not up, dancing and waving your hands in the air to your favourite songs you’re doing it wrong. And if sitting quietly really is how you prefer to enjoy a gig, it’s unfair to penalise attendees who choose to do it differently. Embrace the fact that everyone is having fun, take in the atmosphere and concentrate on having a great time – not ruining other people’s nights.

Next time you really want to tell someone to sit down at a gig, we urge you to think twice.

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