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Slam Dunk ’14: The Survival Guide

For those in need, we’ve compiled a guide on how to survive at Slam Dunk Festival. Your future depends on how well you follow it!

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It’s that time of year again and that means the weekend of debauchery otherwise known as Slam Dunk Festival is just around the corner! Returning again this year to Leeds, Hatfield and Wolverhampton, the festival has been a staple in many a rock fan’s summer for years now and this time round is set to be no exception.

Now, it might all sound like fun (and it is!) but to help you make the most out of the festival we figured it was about time someone wrote a guide on how to survive, how to thrive, and how to make sure the next morning you’re not as bruised or sunburnt as you could’ve been…

Without further ado, Hit The Floor Magazine presents: The Slam Dunk ’14 Survival Guide!

1) One of the most important things you need to take in to account is the weather. It could easily make or break your day if you don’t check in advance and turn up to Leeds University in shorts and a crop-top when it plans to, and does, rain all day. Now, we’re hoping that the entire weekend across all three festivals is warm and sunny but you can never been too sure with British weather! If the forecast shows bad weather, we advise you take a jacket! …and maybe don’t straighten your hair.

2) Much like it is the same on any other day of your life, it’s pretty important that you eat. We know festival prices aren’t exactly cheap but skipping out of food, especially if you’re planning on drinking throughout the day, can definitely lead to bad news. Even if it’s just a hamburger enjoyed while you try and fail to subtly rock out to Motion City Soundtrack – it’s much better than nothing.

3) We’re all no doubtedly fans of the “in Dunk, we’re drunk” motto, but while we encourage you to have an awesome time at both the festival and the afterparty if that’s your thing, be considerate of other people around you who might not be as inebriated as you are, and so they also might not be as big of a fan of you as you are. Take care of yourself, your friends and others, and if you really can’t do that then a trip to the nearest source of water is highly recommended.

4) Expand your horizons! So, you’re We Are The In Crowd‘s biggest fan? That’s pretty sweet, but if you find yourself between sets of your favorite pop rock bands, you should definitely go and check out someone different that you wouldn’t usually think to see! Maybe you could go hardcore with Letliveor ska punk with Zebrahead – either way by making an effort to broaden your tastes and give something you usually wouldn’t listen to a chance… well, it just makes you look like one cool cat who’s totally on the cutting edge of music.

5) If you are the kind of girl or guy that wears make-up, then you might want to bring some supplies with you so by the end of the day you don’t have raccoon eyes and a serious lack of lipgloss. On that note, a hairbrush would also be useful because the impending doom of unpredictable rain and wind can leave you looking like a bird has crafted a nest on your head. Nobody wants that, especially when there are photographers everywhere. Thankfully it’s pretty easily to keep on top of it all if you’re willing to carry the extra weight – but don’t push it, you don’t need your entire make-up bag!

6) Rock out as hard as you possibly can. So what if that girl in the corner is watching and whispering to her friends? You’ll probably never see her again, and by the look on her face it’s clear she’s not even having half the amount of fun that you are while you go crazy in the crowd. Most people probably won’t even notice you anyway because they’ll be watching the band or they’re just incredibly wasted, but either way it means you can go crazy to your guilty pleasure We The Kings and not get totally judged.

7) Get a good night’s sleep the day before you go. Without trying to sound like your mother, it is pretty important that you get your beauty sleep because getting up at a ridiculous hour after next to no sleep and then having to spend an entire day fighting through crowds and listening to loud music is likely to leave you quite cranky – and nobody wants to deal with that (least of all your unsuspecting friends)!

8) Water is your friend! This might not be the Arizona Warped Tour where the 100-degree weather can kill if you don’t hydrate yourself, it’s still very dangerous drink regularly throughout the day. Water is obviously the best way to get that sweet level of hydration that means you can be refreshed and ready to go get crazy in the Bury Tomorrow pit, but even if it’s beer you keep yourself stocked up on it’s really better than going thirsty.

9) Respect yourself, other people, the artists and your surroundings. It’s common courtesy to keep the peace at festivals, but really it’s for your own safety. Getting in to fights is never going to end well, and defacing the Wolverhampton Civic Hall is going to get you in a hell of a lot of trouble, so try and keep that in mind while Slam Dunkin’. Though we know you’re all the sweetest people who would never do anything like that, we thought we’d just remind you…

10) Most importantly — just enjoy yourself. These are not rules, but guidelines that could really help you out if it’s maybe your first time going to Slam Dunk, and you need a few pointers. If you want to completely disregard this and lie on the grass by Slam Dunk South‘s outdoors mainstage all day, by all means be our guest. Vanish stain remover should help when trying to battle the footprints on your brand new The All-American Rejects t-shirt.

So there you have it, an in-depth guide to the dos and don’ts of Slam Dunk Festival. Keep safe, and if you haven’t bought tickets yet you can do so on the Slam Dunk website right here. The festivals will take place over May bank holiday weekend (May 24-26). We’ll see you there!


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