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No Doubt Sunday Mornings – Could Our Editor Be The World’s Biggest No Doubt Fan? (13 Weeks To Go!)

It’s time to share something special with you! Could our editor have been the worlds biggest No Doubt fan?!? Watch this video and judge for yourself. Just be prepared!

Ok guys, as there has been no No Doubt Sunday Mornings for the past 2 weeks I feel it’s time to share something special with you. Not gonna lie, I am a bit concerned about making this public. Now don’t get me wrong, clearly I still love No Doubt (who doesn’t?,) but what has been revealed to me over the last few hours has bought me feelings of confusion, wonder and the constant thought of “How did it get to this?!?”. May I reveal to you, the NO DOUBT COLLECTION!

Now basically back when I was in school, a long time ago, I was a bit of a No Doubt mega fan. I don’t know what it was but I started buying merch. More and more merch. Collecting No Doubt merch became my hobby and I would be on ebay and attending record fairs trying to find new imports, bootlegs and any awesome rarities.

Let’s get one thing clear though! I wasn’t a massive stalker lol I do know a fair a bit about No Doubt but I can’t sit here and give you all their home addresses, phone numbers and shoe sizes. I was just a fan that liked to collect; and collect I did! Scott Mills may say differently but don’t listen to him! (That’s for another post!). I was a nice fan!

So today I thought it was time to get the collection out of the drawers in my room and make this video for you. Could I have been the worlds biggest No Doubt fan?!? If you can find anyone with more I wanna see! Will make me feel slightly less insane. I have a feeling this is going to be hard to beat.

Are you sat relaxed? Ready for anything? Good! Then here is the collection in all it’s glory. Please feel free to call me insane in the comments. I fully agree haha

Oh, and don’t forget that the new album ‘Push And Shove’ is only 13 weeks away (Sept 25th) and new single ‘Settle Down’ will be hitting us July 16th!

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