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Interview: Screaming Maldini – Email Interview – 09/02/10

Screaming Maldini are a vibrant new group from Sheffield, charged with energy, rhythmic wizardry and brightly busy songs with an advanced melodic repertoire fit to give your auditory system the ride of its life. Their sound is undeniably unique and their instrumentally infused creations are nothing short of mind blowing. The band have recently got signed to Alcopop Records and are ready to embark on a 5 date tour at the end of this month with Brighton’s ‘Stars and Sons’ to promote the release of their debut EP, so I caught up with Nick from the band to talk about all things Screaming Maldini.

HTFHit The Floor
SMScreaming Maldini

HTF – How did you come up with the name ‘Screaming Maldini’? Does it have anything to do with the Italian footballer?

SM – The name is actually about five or six years old and came about when I got my housemates together to think of names for an old band of mine. Someone said “Maldini” and it immediately stuck in my head. There was something about the way it rolled off the tongue and when you really think about it, it’s quite a beautiful word(!). I prefixed it with “Screaming” as I wanted it to reflect the music that I had going on in my head and I’d been watching that episode of The Simpsons with “Flamin’ Moes”. The rest of the band didn’t like it so it was shelved, but I always wanted to use it. Also, it reflects our undying love for the Italian footballer’s penchant for tantrum throwing (er…).

HTF – How did Screaming Maldini form?

SM – Screaming Maldini started life as just me and Tom (drums) in the summer of 2008. It was basically an outlet for some ideas I’d been working on and my increasingly out-of-control obsession with recording and producing. He played the drums and I played everything else. We wanted a bit of trumpet and I lived with Andy at the time so that’s how he joined. I sent a couple of the tracks that we’d done to some blogs and played them to some friends and the reaction was , without exception, really positive and encouraging so we decided to get a full band together and do some gigs.

HTF – How would you describe your sound to those who haven’t heard it?

I always find that one really hard. I don’t think it’s that comparable to much else really. We’ve tried to coin some phrases to describe the sound; prog-pop, or quirk-core, or quirky indie (quindie?) but none of us are cool enough or influential enough for them to stick and hold any real weight in society!! It’s kind of trumpety, choiry, percussiony, stringsy, drumsy, but most importantly I think it’s energy and harmony.

HTF – You have your first tour coming up this month, are you excited?

SM – We’re really excited and feel unbelievably privileged to be hitting the road with Brighton’s fabulous Stars and Sons. We can’t wait to get started! We’re playing London on Monday 22 February at The Old Blue Last. It’s free entry and should be a phenomenal night.

HTF – Your music is incredibly complex and exciting. How do you go about writing it?
SM – It’s interesting that you say exciting, because that’s always my main aim with songs (I figured that people would be more likely to carry on listening if it was exciting from the outset). Writing’s always a really organic experience; ideas tend to appear out of nowhere. I then record them, normally accompanied by Tom’s drumming ideas and I just add and add to them until they sound right (The Extraordinary is a great example of this method). It’s weird really, it feels as though the finished article is out there and I’m just slowly, bit by bit, searching for it and uncovering it (like an archaeologist uncovering a skeleton or broken pot). Sometimes the song appears in full fairly quickly; this usually happens while I’m mucking about on the piano (this happened with The Albatross) – again it’s like uncovering the already finished article, but it’s generally a quicker process at the keys.

Since getting the band together, there’s been a bit more collaboration in the writing and our recent Christmas release reflects that approach. It was a similar experience, but with more of us doing the uncovering so it happened a lot more quickly and efficiently.

HTF – If you were doing a live lounge session and had to perform another artist’s song – what would it be?

SM – This one’s easy, as we’ve actually discussed it! Gina and I (percussion and vocals) have our hearts set on Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” without a shadow of a doubt. It’s an unbelievably good bit of pop writing and has the same kind of energy and excitement that we strive for. I was genuinely disappointed that Marmaduke Duke played it on there last year and initially I thought they’d beaten us to it, but I think we’d do it sufficiently differently to do it justice!

HTF – We’d like a Hit The Floor exclusive of that gem, please!

HTF – Thanks very much Nick! Anything else you’d like to plug?

SM – We’re releasing our debut EP on Monday 22 February. It’s called “Screaming Maldini and the Kookaburra” and it’s out via Oxford’s beautiful Alcopop! Records (Big Scary Monsters indier sister label and home to the likes of Sam Isaac, Stagecoach and The Candle Thieves). It features five tracks and is a truly eclectic mix of songs that should hopefully be a genuinely interesting listen for people. It’ll be available online and from us at gigs for a mere £5.

Here are two of Screaming Maldini’s amazing tracks, ‘The Extraordinary‘ and ‘I Know That You Know That I Would Wipe Away The Snowflake From Your Eye‘. If you like what you hear, click HERE to pre-order their EP.

If you’d like to see Screaming Maldini on their tour with Stars and Sons, then make sure you head down to one of these dates:

21.02.10 – SHEFFIELD The Grapes
22.02.10 – SHOREDITCH The Old Blue Last
23.02.10 – BRIGHTON The Albert
24.02.10 – NORTHAMPTON The Labour Club
25.02.10 – OXFORD The Cellar

Interviewer: Jen Jaconelli

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