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Interview: Gnarwolves (Hit The Deck Exclusive)

HTF caught up with Gnarwolves after their set at this years Hit The Deck festival, check out what happened after the click.

gnarwolvesBrighton natives Gnarwolves have been hooking us in with their barking pop punk since 2011. Last year the band released their six track album ‘Cru’ and with a new release on the cards but information still under wraps we caught up with them after their set at Hit The Deck ahead of their tour with The Story So Far and The American Scene, see what they had to say.

You can find out more about Gnarwolves via their official Facebook page:

HTF: So which was better Bristol or Nottingham?

Thom (Guitar/Vocals): That is a dangerous question! We appreciate everyone that came out to see us at both shows.

Charlie (Bass/Vocals): They were both sick even though we fucked it up both times.  It was like quiet for ten minutes.

T: It was two minutes!

Max (Drums): His strap and his string snapped

C: At the same time.

T: Straps don’t snap it’s just ridiculous

M: Usually when stuff like that happens I’m all sketchy cause everyone is looking at you

C: I had to just talk shit and I am really bad at talking shit.

T: Professional mumbler

HTF: So you managed not to give us an answer…

C: Okay, Charlie says Nottingham, I just enjoyed the venue more and we had a lot more people singing along and enjoying themselves.

T: It was really cool to play that venue because we played there last year on the Lower Than Atlantis tour and we were the first band on, we were added to the bill after all the tickets were sold so we were playing to an entirely new audience. So playing again to a room who do know who we are and are actually there to watch us, it is really great and its only just started happening in the last couple of months.

M: Apart from the guy who got kicked out for stage diving, this whole festival is well strict, we played a tiny stage and it had like a 6ft barrier, what’s the point in that, some kid did a back flip onto to the stage, jumped back in and then got kicked out.

HTF: Do you have any nick names for your instruments?

C: Suzanne. I’ve never really thought about it, I’m not very good at guitar so I’ll call mine Sid after Sid Vicious

T: I’m going to call my guitar Billy-Joe then.

HTF: Who do you want to see today?

Collectively: Landscapes

M: Title Fight

T: Great Cynics

HTF: How would you describe a live show?

T: There are less people on stage than other bands,

C: Loads of fun,

M: Sweaty, bloody – fun,

C: At least one stage dive, and there isn’t it will be me with lots of broken stuff.

T: We play a lot of songs in a very short amount of time,

C: Yeah, we play songs too.

HTF: How was mainland Europe?

T: It was amazing, hospitality was incredible and the people were insane, there were a few shows that really blew us away like Vienna, Berlin and Milan and we just weren’t expecting anyone to know who we were or give a toss and people did so it was awesome.

C: We went to a sick skate park in Berlin,

T: and cruising around Rome was pretty cool.

HTF: Weirdest tour incident?

T: Life is weird, we had a tour driver for a while who wore an eye patch,

M: What about Oxford that was weird?

T: That day started with us getting three dates cancelled so we were driving to Oxford thinking this is the last day of tour what are we going to do, so we just texted people and somehow booked three shows in an hour,

C: and then we ordered pizza to the van

M: Oh yeah and some wasted dude just popped his head in and tried to grab me , pulled me out asking if were hitting on his woman,

T: He did say women.

HTF: What’s next for 2013?

T: We’ve got a record coming out as soon as we get the masters back.

And you can check that track out ‘Limerence’ taken from their forth coming E.P they were speaking of here:

Interviewer: Amber Carnegie

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