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Interview: Bury Tomorrow (Hevy Fest Exclusive)

HTF caught up with Bury Tomorrow after their set at Hevy Fest. We found out what they thought of the festival itself, how their new album is going down and what they’ve coming up. Read more inside!

Bury Tomorrow have been setting the festivals alight this summer, and their performance at Hevy Festival was no different. Despite some technical difficulties, they absolutely smashed it. With the release of their incredible second album ‘The Union Of Crowns’ earlier this summer and some killer tours lined up for the second half of 2012, they are about to be propelled into the big time. Make sure you catch them live if you haven’t already, because they will well and truly blow you away.

We caught up with frontman Daniel Winter-Bates and his brother and guitarist Davyd Winter-Bates for a chat after their set on Saturday to talk Hevy Fest, their album and the future (which may or may not include playing Wembley Arena with Nickelback and Slipknot)…

To check out more on the band visit their Facebook page:

HTF: Hey boys, how are you?

Davyd: Fantastic, absolutely magical.

HTF: Did you enjoy the show?

Dan: It was good, eventful.
Davyd: The middle part was fantastic, the beginning was shit, the ending was fucking awful. We had technical difficulties at the beginning – that’s natural, that happens, especially at festivals when you don’t get a sound check, it’s gonna happen. We weren’t bothered about that. The minute we actually started, we were like, “Boom! Let’s play!” Then we get to the end of our set and the fucking idiot stage manager decided to cut our set because he thought that our song was over, but when our stage manager tried to tell him that it wasn’t over he told our stage manager to fuck off, so, all in all, a great way to end a set.

HTF: It ended on a high though anyway…

Davyd: Everyone sang back that last part then which I think we wouldn’t have had if we’d played it properly so that was good.
Dan: I think that’s how we’re gonna end our set every time now…

HTF: Will you be sticking around all weekend?

Dan: Yeah, we’re here all weekend.
Davyd: We’re gonna look at some elephants tomorrow.

HTF: How does this compare to the last time you played Hevy?

Dan: It’s different to last time.
Davyd: It was better the last time.
Dan: It was still good though!
Davyd: I think there’s less people this year. This summer has been incredible though. Literally incredible. It’s been fantastic. I couldn’t have wanted for more this summer.

HTF: How’s the new album going down?

Dan: Yeah, really well. Better than we expected, to be honest with you. It’s been crazy. We got to number 8 in the rock charts.
Davyd: And officially number 89. To other people it seems like we’ve got here quite quickly, but for us, we feel like we’ve been going a long time. We’ve been doing this for six years now.

HTF: Where do you want to be ultimately?

Dan: We wanna play to as many people as we can.
Davyd: We wanna play with Nickelback! At Wembley.
Dan: Or Slipknot! We could do a cover of ‘How You Remind Me’. I love Nickelback!
Davyd: We’ll have Nickelback and Slipknot support us. That would be a magical day.

HTF: Who are your influences?

Davyd: Marvin Gaye, Lynyrd Skynyrd.
Dan: Lynyrd Skynyrd definitely. As a band, probably Unearth and Bleeding Through, August Burns Red, all the standard metalcore bands really.

HTF: Who else do you wanna see this weekend?

Dan: I wanna see Andrew WK so I can party like there’s no tomorrow.
Davyd: I wanna see Glassjaw.
Dan: I don’t know if they’re here though! Nobody knows. I know Will Haven have pulled out and I don’t know if Meshuggah are here yet. I went to see Deaf Havana yesterday: they’re really good friends of ours, and they played a great set.

HTF: What’s next for Bury Tomorrow?

Davyd: We’ve got a tour in October in Europe and then we’re gonna go out on the Architects tour in November. We’re very excited! KEEP IT MOSH.

Interviewer: Lais MW

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