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Interview: Ashley Costello – New Years Day – 10/09/09

Just the other day I discovered one of my all time favourite bands “New Years Day” had come back life after a huge hiatus which I was starting to think was the end of them! Extremely excited I decided to contact New Years Day vocalist Ashley Costello to see where they been and what the future holds for New Years Day…..

HTF: Hit The Floor
A: Ashley Costello (Singer – NYD)

HTF: Hey there Ash how are you today??

A: Im good. About to leave the house and go shopping for all my Halloween Haunt needs. For those who dont know, Halloween Haunt is the worlds largest Haunted Themed Park, and I am a monster there. To be specific, I am the morticians wife. Its honestly my favorite thing to do all year.

HTF: So New Years Day are back!! I know Im excited!! Where have you been? I heard there had been some label trouble and issues in regards to the band name?

A: Its been a rough year considering what we have been through. We have had labels straight lie to our faces and basically leave us in a ditch that they dug for dead. To make a long story short, they own our name and for awhile we didnt think it was possible to even use the name New Years Day, so that held us back a lot. Now we just dont give a crap and we are going to use it anyhow.

HTF: I see from the Myspace that Adam and Keith are no longer listed as a band members? Are we looking at a brand new lineup for NYD?

A: Well Adam hasnt been in the band since way before we even released “my dear” which was two years ago. Keith left the band after warped tour because he just couldnt handle the constant traveling. Its a hard life and its not for everyone. Anthony and Russ are still members but we are going to have two new guitarists soon. Trust me, its better this way.

HTF: So onto the new…..You have 2 new tracks up “Lets Get Dead” and “Murder”. Wanna tell us a little bit about them? From the titles are we going to be seeing an even darker side to NYD?

A: When NYD first started, we had labels telling us that we needed to tone down my darkness and start thinking more along the lines of radio singles and what will work. It really sucked. I still love the music on “my dear” very much, and its still very me, but now without a label breathing down my neck I am getting to write EXACTLY what I want. I can take it as dark and as far as I want and theres no one there to slap me on the wrist. Which has been a really nice feeling. So if anything good came out of the label situation, its that. You can expect it to keep getting darker, but in a fun way. Which is pretty much just like me. Im a super happy person but upon first glance of me you would def not think that. Our music has a dark sound but it is still fun and the lyrics are kind of deadly but they are catchy. I love that.

HTF: I saw there is promise of a brand new EP as well!! What have we listeners got to expect from this and any idea on when and where we will be hearing this?

A: The EP is in its demo phase right now and we are still writing for it and recording it at the same time. We are in the same place where we recorded “my dear” for now and have plans to move to the bomb shelter (where no doubt just did demos and stone temple pilots are currently recording ) early next year. The Ep should be out in the spring of 2010. You can expect songs like “lets get dead” and “murder” but a bit heavier, darker, and in some ways, more fun. Its going to be everything I like to listen to. Its kind of like the movie House of 1000 corpses, one of my favorites. That movie is ridiculous! Its a bloody mess! Its so graphic and so horribly bloody and messed up that you cant even watch it, but its a circus as well! Meaning, its fun to watch it, your laughing at is, its colorful and its shockingly enjoyable. Thats pretty much what I want the listeners to get from it. Of course the lyrics are about my trials through the past two years. There are more love songs this time around tho.

HTF: Now the question we all want to know.. When are you going to be touring again and, most importantly, will you be making the trip to UK?

A: We will be touring by the end of this year. We are already being offered tours but we just arent ready right now. Theres nothing worse than shoving yourself in a van before you are prepared of it! trust me! Japan is in the works right now, but as for the UK Im just not sure. We will tho!

HTF: Im assuming the new song “Lets Get Dead” is also inspired by your new clothing range of the same name? Tell us a bit about that and your inspiration for starting your own brand?

A: It was honestly something to do to keep my mind off of the label situation. I would always say to the guys when we were upset or the label was hurting us, “just get dead to it. thats how you have to be, tune it out and become dead” and thats where the saying started. I really believe in it as a saying to help myself through a rough time, so I want to share that with anyone else who needed it. We sold out of all the shirts before they were even in my hands! It was great. You can see it in two ways, “lets get dead” can have that meaning of tuning out haters or I also see it as my way of saying to get down on my level, to kind of join me in throwing your hideous neon shirt out the window and getting dark and dead and enjoying yourself.

HTF: Now we all know you love Zombies!! Whats Ash’s top 3 Zombie movies of all time?

A: Actually, I must say, Im more of a vampire fan. Have been for a very very long time. When my friends and I were just children, for Halloween they wanted to be princesses and I always wanted to be a vampire. I was a vampire 4 of 5 times growing up. Now its so cool because of Twilight that I cant believe it.

Shawn of the Dead is in the top 3 because its hilarious. 28 Days later was very good. Dead Alive is A MAY ZING. Thriller and Day Of the Dead because of all the really stupid zombie character they came up with.

HTF: So anything else being planned with NYD we should know about? Any last messages you wanna send out?

A: Id like to say that the fans are everything. Literally everything. We read every message, email and comment because unlike some other bands, we know without you we are nothing. So thank you for the support and together we can make this happen.

HTF: Thanks for being a star Ash and can’t wait to see what the future hold for NYD! Awesome xx

Check out New Years Day on their myspace at

Interviewer: Chris Hit The Floor

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