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Interview: Aimee Gould – Redfest 2013 (HTF Exclusive)

We meet music’s rising Gould-en girl, Aimee at Redfest. Check out what happened here.

Having released her debut EP, ‘Darling‘ last year, 19 year old Aimee Gould’s soothing voice and poignant melodies establish her as one to watch. With her spirited and bubbly energy, we were lucky enough to catch up with her after her performance at Redfest this weekend.

So in true festival spirit, Aimee perched on an ale barrel to reveal some sneaky info about the next album and her experiences so far.

HTF: So this was your first time at Redfest, how was it?

Aimee: Well we weren’t expecting to be on at 12pm but another band got stuck in traffic so they had to swap us. It went really well though. We got a good start to the day with the Friday hungover lot and some chilled out acoustic music, so it seemed to go down well. Laughs.

HTF: How did you get involved with Redfest 2013?

A: The Boiler-room in Guildford and the Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM) have a great partnership so through them I was suggested for Redfest, the ACM tent here is great for inspiring artists.

HTF: So you’re degree at ACM is quite full on?

A: I’m my second year now but this is my first year on the Vocal Performance Degree, so that involves a lot of vocal techniques and practice. I try to keep a constant activity of gigging lots around Guildford and London, and  now we’ve just finished recording the 2nd EP things are getting really exciting.

HTF: What’s your process like for recording an album, do you start right from the beginning or have you got full direction for where you’re heading?

A: There’s a lot of experimenting that goes on in the studio. I’ll write a collection of songs and choose 4 to record, but in some cases i’ve drastically changed my mind about which ones belong on the EP. Luckily the band I play with know my music well enough to know what’s not working and giving honest feedback.

HTF: Where do you derive inspiration from for your music?

A: I love hearing new music that i’ve never heard before, that sparks up something in my own writing. I try and check out gigs of similar artists to myself, but it inspires me to just go out there and do it myself.

HTF: Your lyrics are sometimes quite dark and frankly honest, do you every worry about being too vulnerable as a result?

A: Definitely. Sometimes they can be raw, but I try to write them as stories and experiences of other people, rather than myself, otherwise i’d probably be too emotional to express it to an audience. I’ve got a few that are about my own personal experiences, and it’s definitely quite hard to perform them sometimes but i just try and think about my performance rather than what i’m singing about.

HTF: How do you find balancing music with your private life?

A: It is difficult to know where the balance lies. I do like to have a sense of mystery for my music and my personality, so there isn’t an abundance of information out there. I’d hope that means there’s a bit of intrigue so people want to find out a bit more, come to a gig or have a listen.

HTF: As a natural performer, is it a trait that runs in your family?

A: Actually, no.My auntie used to play guitar and sing but it was never anything serious, just a bit of fun. but other than that I don’t really know, i’ve not really been brought up in a musical family. I’d have taught sport if singing wasn’t an option, but music happened!

HTF: With more young, inspiring musicians around than ever before, what advice could you give?

A: Try and write as much as your own material as possible. If you’ve got songs there, labels will see you as a prepared artist. Try and build up your social media fan base – put stuff on Youtube, literally do everything you can to get recognised by anyone and everyone.

HTF: So what’s in store for the remainder of  your Redfest? Lots of mischief?

A: Yeah, there’s a little bit of mischief going on in the artist area – like always! We managed to sneak backstage to watch Dry The River play last night, nobody tried to stop us – it was far too easy! Though I highly doubt we could do that again tonight for Bastille, that’s a shame.

HTF: We sure as hell bet they tried though! Tskk! 

Interview by: Julia Powney

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