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HTF Industry: Tribute Band – The Fillers

HTF Industry talks to Trevor Hurley of Killers tribute band “The Fillers” to get an insight into the world of a tribute band.

HTF Industry is a set of features I’m doing to bring you insight into different facets of the music industry. First off, I have interviewed an awesome tribute band to The Killers – called The Fillers. I saw The Fillers play at my graduation ball and they were absolutely brilliant. This is when I became best friends with the lead singer, Trevor Hurley, which is why he agreed to answer some questions on the band and what it takes to be the best tribute band on earth. Which they are.

HTF – Hit The Floor
TH – Trevalor

HTF – How did The Fillers form?

TH – As a joke. We were all in a band together playing original music and it was just coming to the end of its natural life. We were asked to play a band competition as the returning winners from the year before. The irony being that the year before we didn’t win. The band that did win were asking for some finacial insentive to bless the organisers with their talents and this didn’t sit to well with the afore mentions organisers so they asked us to come back instead. Now this didn’t sit very well with us but we agreed and then decided we would attempt something different. Thus we were filling in for another band and so the name came first..

HTF – Why did you choose The Killers to tribute?

TH – Of the cuff it ryhmed with the name.. But as it was we had the matching line up. the main thing was having a synth player. The KIllers have a sound that isn’t easy to reproduce so we thought we would be challenged and it would be funny. And I would have a reason to wear makeup.

HTF – How did you go about becoming like and sounding like The Killers?

TH – Oh that just happened.. When you have the Keys the rest falls into place.

HTF – Trev – you really look like Brandon Flowers – have you had any surgery to enhance your likeness?

TH – .. er No.. I guess he is just lucky 😉
HTF — Look ————————> They’re like twins!!!

HTF – Do you try to be exactly like The Killers on every detail, or do you incorporate your own ideas into areas of the band and performances?
TH – We do what we can but on a smaller scale… We have palm trees we have giant light up letter keyboard stands.. we don’t have a world of pyrotechnics but again we do what we can..

HTF – Brandon Flowers has been quoted saying you’re worth checking out – is he supportive of the concept of a tribute band?

TH – He is really nice about us. They were aware of us from very early on and very gracious to us. I had sent in an email to their record company asking if it was cool that we did it and they were fine about it.. The Killers and there family of crew and touring musicians are about the most down to earth people I have met.

HTF – What does it take to be a good tribute band?

TH – The music comes first… If you can’t play the songs then don’t bother.. Next is the look and the stage show. We don’t go over the top but the people come and see us because they want to see a Killers show or as close as possible. We do all we can to give that.

HTF – How regularly do you gig and where?

TH – We gig maybe 4 to 6 times a month and we go everywhere. We have been as far as Mexico and the Dominican Republic. This year we are set for Holland Ireland and spain already and who knows what will come up next.

HTF – Are the media interested in tribute bands?

TH – We have little bits of Media but tribute bands are also an easy target because when it gets down to it the whole concept is pretty strange. I see that. I find it amusing but then it has afforded me opportunities that other musicians would love to do.

HTF – If you had to create a tribute band for any other band – who would it be and why?
TH – I probably wouldn’t. It was never something I meant to do and it is quite consuming. But other bands I love at the moment are Death Cab for Cutie and Biffy Clyro.. Our guitarist is a huge biffy fan so he would be up for that..
So there we go – if you ever wanted to know the inner motivations behind a tribute band – you now know it’s mostly to do with rhyming band names, but more than that, this band are seriously accomplished and ooze fervour and an infectious energy on stage – and I seriously recommend checking them out.

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