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From Indian Lakes | Interview | October 2014

We got the chance to talk to From Indian Lakes about their new album Absent Sounds. Read here to see what they had to say.

Source: Facebook

After releasing their new album Absent Sounds, Hit The Floor got the chance to talk to From Indian Lakes and see what the album is really about.

Hit The Floor: Hey guys! It’s great to have you here at HTF. Before we get too ahead of ourselves though, how did the band start?From Indian Lakes: I started writing and recording music in a small mountain area in CA, and my friends played it with me live. We’ve been doing that ever since.

HTF: Where did the band name come from?
FIL: Thats where I’m from.

HTF: Where do your musical influences come from?
FIL: I’ve always been into rock music, but I really enjoy more ambient and beautiful sounds. I guess I try to find that balance while taking influence from bands like Death Cab For Cutie, Radiohead, Bombay Bicycle Club, and Mew.

HTF: Congrats on the new album Absent Sounds! How was it self-producing?
FIL: I’ve always self produced everything so far, and while I don’t think its best for everyone necessarily, I think it’s just the best way I work.

HTF: Why did you name the album Absent Sounds?
FIL: All of the songs deal with life and death and other forms of absence. I was trying to find an album title that represented the overall theme of loss and missing things. Absent Sounds came to me and it stuck.

HTF: Have you achieved what you have liked to with the third album?
FIL: Definitely. I am very proud of this record.

HTF: What is your song/music writing process as a band?
FIL: I write and record a majority of the music. My friends add little things here and there and tell me if something sounds terrible or not.

HTF: And, are there any particular songs that you are most proud of?
FIL: I really love the song “Awful Things”. I think its a step up as far as songwriting and engineering goes. My close friend Dryw Owens engineered the album and he blew my mind with what he did on this song, and the rest of the record.
HTF: You must be excited for your upcoming tour. What is the best thing about touring for you?
FIL: I just love to play shows. Its very exciting every night to play to a crowd that payed to see you and is excited. I’m also really excited to start playing some new material and all that.

HTF: What is it you guys are trying to achieve now? What are the next steps for From Indian Lakes?
FIL: We are try to tour internationally more and it looks like that will be happening next year as much as possible.

HTF: Finally, thank you for taking your time to be with us. Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?
FIL: Thanks for the support. See you soon.

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