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Ex-Veins Of Jenna Vocalist In Search Of Lead Guitarist

Former Veins Of Jenna singer Lizzy DeVine is looking for a lead guitarist. Think you can play? Find out how you can apply inside!

Are you a hard rock, sleazy guitar player looking for a dirty band to match your criteria? Then look no further as former Swedish rock band Veins Of Jenna singer is hunting down guitar players to join his band.

Lizzy DeVine is on the prowl for a talented guitarist to play lead on his new song ‘Stare At The Sun’.

His first album recorded with Veins Of Jenna, ‘The Art Of Telling Lies’ was released in 2009 by a record company called Filthy Note. Since leaving the band in March 2010, Lizzy has been busy writing his own solo work.

He released this statement: “I must move on and let the band grow. I’ve done more with this band than I could ever have dreamed of but now it’s time for new adventures!”

To apply, click here to download the file and open it in your own recording software. Record your solo over the drum tracks and save the file with the backing tracks included. Once you have done that, send it back to Lizzy and if he likes it he will ask to hear the solo on its own. Simple!

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