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Boy Jumps Ship | Interview | August 2014

Boy Jumps Ship performed at Sonisphere this year, and we had the opportunity to interview them! Check it out here.

Boy Jumps Ship

Credit: Facebook

Newcastle rockers Boy Jumps Ship had the opportunity to open up one of the stages at Sonisphere this year – just one of the many incredible things they’ve managed to fit in to 2014. Between the release of their new EP , and a very special grant that they received from PRS, there’s no doubt that Boy Jumps Ship are on the rise and have no intention of stopping just yet. Check out what they had to say regarding their Sonisphere set, and all the other cool things they’ve been up to:

HTF: You got to open up the Jägermeister stage on Sunday at Sonisphere, and opening the show is sometimes the most difficult slot to play – how do you think it went? Did the crowd react positively?
BJS: We felt it went really well, the crowd who watched us were really positive. Although it was early in the day, we didn’t clash with any other bands so we had plenty faces in the crowd. A lot of intrigued people popped their head in the tent and decided to stay!

HTF: What do you think makes your band stick out from the rest of the crowd when it comes to festivals?
BJS: We’ve always felt like we are a very versatile band. We realised we may not have been the heaviest band on the Sonisphere lineup, so we embraced that and used it to our advantage. The same could be said if we played a festival that was more rooted in Indie music for example. We’d look to tweak the set to suit the acts around us. All the while keeping our musical identity.

HTF: You guys have been quite busy so far this summer, what with your Sonisphere debut, and last month you were awarded with funding from the Momentum Music Fund by the PRS Foundation. What was your reaction to receiving such a beneficial award, and what are you going to use it for?
BJS: We were over the moon to be awarded the funding. We’ve been trying for a long while to get some funding from the PRS and we felt this time around everything had fallen in place for us to receive it… and we did! The grant will be used to record our debut full length album. We’ve always tried to keep a really high standard of quality with our recordings and releases. So the funding is going to really help continue this trend.

HTF: Your latest EP Lovers & Fighters was also released recently, and reviews on iTunes have claimed it your best yet. Is there anything you tried differently with this release in terms of recording, writing etc. that you didn’t do with your older material?
BJS: Before we went in to record Lovers & Fighters we were always told how much more aggressive and in your face our songs sounded live compared to CD. So they were two really important elements that we tried to include in the recording of the EP. In fact, a lot of the EP was actually recorded live and without a click track. We strived to keep as much energy in the songs as we could.

HTF: Sonisphere has been on a break from the UK for a couple of years, and has come back stronger than ever. To be a part of that must feel epic. Did you see any bands while you were there that blew you away?
BJS: Yes! We certainly used the opportunity to see as many of our favourite bands as possible. We managed to catch Limp Bizkit, Slayer, Anthrax, Metallica, The Bronx, Deftones, and we also caught Hundred Reasons playing Ideas Above Our Station. That was a massive deal as it was an album all of us grew up listening to! They nailed it.

HTF: You guys are proof that British rock is in its prime time, even when you’re playing among metal legends like Iron Maiden and Metallica. What’s the best advice you can give for battling through a situation like that, where you might be out of your comfort zone?
BJS: Ironically, out of all the festivals I’ve been to, with the band and as a paying member of the public, it was probably the most friendly and open I have seen festival goers. Everyone was pretty accepting of all types of music. But my one piece of advice would be, to 100% completely believe in what you do. If you immerse yourself in something you love then you shouldn’t find yourself out of your comfort zone.

HTF: If you were headlining Sonisphere, or any festival for that matter, who would you want to be opening up for you?
BJS: Hmm, thats a difficult one! We’d have Marmozets and Arcane Roots on there for sure – both great bands we’ve had the pleasure of touring with and great people. We’d probably also have our friends Gallery Circus on the line up. They are a two piece from here in the North-East who put on a great stage show and have the tunes to match. Then we’d maybe have that guy with the deep voice who does film voiceovers to compère, that would be fun.

HTF: Would you say that playing at legendary festivals like that opens up doors for you automatically, or do you still have to work hard to get people to notice you?
BJS: I suppose it helps, but certainly doesn’t open doors “automatically”. It is a good chance to meet new people, network and obviously looks amazing on the band’s CV. As soon as we come off stage the hard work doesn’t stop.

HTF: What’s on your schedule now for the rest of the summer and beyond?
BJS: More festivals! We have a few local ones lined up like Split Festival and Bernicia, Then Guilfest and South Sea Festival that are a bit further afield. We will also be joining We Are The Ocean on their UK tour in October. Then in-between all that get our album recorded, we can’t wait!

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