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Belmont Deliver the Country / Pop-Punk Track We’ve All Been Waiting for! ‘Country Girl’

She smiles biggest when she rides my tractor

Love pop-punk? Love country music? Want a track that combines both in one amazing track? Chicago’s Belmont has bought the goods!

Their new track ‘Country Girl’ brings the pop-punk riffs along with a country swagger that makes you wanna hop on a tractor and complain about your ‘hometown’.

With lyrics such as these you know you’re in for a good time…

No other girl I know takes the time of day

To brush her horses off and keep my stables clean

The farm was quiet but we made it louder

And I just really miss her laughter

She smiles biggest when she rides my tractor

If you love the track please also consider donating to the bands recent GoFundMe as they recently flipped their van and trailer. Luckily everyone got away unhurt but they now need funds to replace everything was damaged.

You can donate here:

Belmont Van
Source: GoFundMe Page

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