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About A Plane Crash Speak Out About Accusations

See now what About A Plane Crash have to say to all the accusations about last weeks ruined birthday party! Hit The Floor have the latest…

Currently the most talked about band in the country About A Plane Crash have posted a video on their YouTube page to explain their actions after being accused of causing chaos at an event last week.

The band were accused of stealing equipment, taking mosh pits too far, turning on beer taps and ruining the electrics in the pub. There has even been accusations of racism as posted on their Facebook along with many other abusive comments

The venue have finally spoken out to tell their side of what happened that night.

“One of the bands has stolen equipment from on the stage which I provide at every gig to allow performers to use the best equipment to get the best sound for their show. This equipment is now not going to be available to anyone else because of some disrespectful imbeciles who couldn’t keep their hands to themselves. ”

There is still no proof on who stole the equipment but a band playing that night have said that their equipment was not stolen and so it was only the venue’s equipment that have gone missing.

Here is what About A Plane Crash had to say about the events of that evening.


Many people have feel that AAPC have been targeted and misjudged. Their is so far no proof that the band had been involved in anyway and as no one can prove what really went on, how AAPC have got all the blame is anyones guess.

Georgina Faye Newton(Birthday girl) had this to say:  “This has gone way to far, even my mother has said something it was me and my twins birthday show . And these guys where ever so respectable to my home and they wouldn’t of come back with other bands if they stole there equipment would they everyone got along , they did no harm and ever so nice your guys are welcome to ever come back to party , and im terribly sorry about the whole hate =(“

For more information and full quotes visit Hevy Petal here.

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