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Top Pop Moments Of 2014

As the year comes to an end our Pop Contributors have been thinking about their personal highlights from the world of pop in 2014. Read them here!

Source: Official Video Screenshot

2014 has been a brilliant year for pop music – from band reunions to album releases from some of the biggest names in the industry, it’s been a busy one! As the year comes to an end our Pop Contributors have been thinking about their personal highlights from the world of pop in 2014. Read on to find out what they are.

Source: Official Facebook page

Source: Official Facebook page

Sophie Sinclair

“There have been so many great moments for pop music in 2014 that it’s impossible to choose just one favourite highlight! Although the Jonas Brothers didn’t reunite like I would have hoped for, Nick Jonas did drop an impressive album, showing off a new style, as well as a very raunchy photo shoot to match, proving he is all grown up. Sam Smith’s flawless vocals stole my heart with his debut album, and Ed Sheeran‘s highly anticipated second album X was another one that stood out. But girl power was very strong this year, with Beyonce, Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus all putting on phenomenal shows when they brought their respective tours to the UK. And of course, the pop world wouldn’t be complete without the hysteria of boybands! It was great to see The Vamps progress from support acts to headlining their very own show, the formation of McBusted and their incredibly fun tour brought back so many childhood memories and of course seeing two of the world’s biggest bands One Direction and 5SOS perform on the same tour was something pretty spectacular. One of my favourite bands Maroon 5 also didn’t fail to impress this year. Their latest album V has been on repeat since it was released. Overall, it’s been a fab year for pop, there has been so much new music created as well as a celebration of more older material, producing lots of highlights and definitely setting the bar high for 2015!”[divider]

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Joe Hopkins

“One of this year’s definite highlights was when Taylor Swift who took a leaf out of Beyoncé’s book, not quite as dramatic but sent fans into frenzy with the unexpected unveiling of ‘Shake It Off’ and the name of her next album which we now know as 1989. Throughout July and August, the newly crowned pop princess was teasing fans with subtle clues on her social media – these then lead to a live Yahoo stream where all was finally revealed. Not only did she have fans talking for days, we’re still talking about her whether it’s over how decent the album is or where she’s performing next!”[divider]

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Hannah Dix

“The highlight of 2014 for me was back in April when I got the opportunity to interview Rixton, one of my favourite groups in the pop industry at the moment. Having cracked the US, I didn’t think they’d have time in their schedule but the day after playing a sold-out London gig, I got my chance to speak to the boys. Rixton were incredibly humble and appreciative of their success and their fans. Having been lucky enough to see them the night before in an intimate academy, where they gave nothing less than a brilliant performance, it was such a privilege to talk to them. Since April, the band has come a long way from such tiny venues and I’ve no doubt they’ll be playing arenas in no time.”[divider]

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Fabio Magnocavallo

“My absolute highlight of 2014 in pop music was the return of Lily Allen. Since she’s my favourite artist, it was great for her to release a new album with a load of live shows. I was lucky enough to see her 6 times this year! Another highlight was attending a few Prince concerts because that was something I had wanted to do for ages! My favourite album this year was Jessie WareTough Love and I have a fond memory of buying the album in HMV the day of its release and meeting her there!”[divider]

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Claire Rollins
“For those who know me it will come as no surprise that my pop highlight of 2014 was the McBusted UK Tour! Having been a huge McFly fan since I was 13, seeing them come together with (most of) Busted & sell out 35 arena dates across the country was incredible! I was lucky enough to attend six show, plus their headline show at Hyde Park. I was also able to meet them at one of their album signings which was a proper fan girl moment for me that I’ll never forget! I’m definitely looking forward their 2015 tour already.”

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