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What You Could Have Done While Waiting For A New McFly Album!

Could 2017 finally be the year we hear new music from McFly?


Source: Promo

If you’re a McFly fan, you’ll know all too well about the struggle and torment of waiting for new music from the foursome. Back in 2013 when the band performed four nights at London’s Royal Albert Hall to celebrate their 10th anniversary, they excitedly told fans that their sixth album was almost ready and that they couldn’t wait for everyone to hear it. Three years on and here we are in 2016, still waiting. McFly‘s last album Above The Noise was released way back in 2010, six whole years ago.

Does the mysterious, untitled ‘Album 6’ even exist? Are we EVER going to hear new music? Who knows, but while the guessing continues, we’ve put together a list of some things that could be done in the six years since their last album.

High School Musical

Source: Disney

Study for two university degrees

Most undergraduate degrees take three years to complete, so we could have graduated twice in the time since Above The Noise was released! Perhaps we should have studied to be detectives so we could find out where Album 6 has been hiding.

The Moon

Source: YouTube

Travel to the moon 730 times

There are 2,190 days in six years and thanks to our extensive scientific knowledge (we googled it) we know that it takes three days on average to get to the moon. That means we could travel to the big cheese 730 times! It only takes two years to train to become an astronaut too, so we could easily get ourselves into space in within six years. New life goal activated.

Harry Potter Deathly Hallows

Source: Harry Potter Promo Image

Enjoy a Harry Potter movie marathon 2,695 times
There are 52,560 hours in six years, and the standard editions of all eight Harry Potter films add up to 19.5 hours (that’s 1,179 minutes, in case you were interested), which means you could watch the entire movie franchise back to back 2,695 times! Sounds like a lot, but we reckon there are an enormous amount of Potter fans out there who would happily take on the challenge. You’d just need about ten truckloads of popcorn and a giant vat of Ice Blasts to keep you going! If Star Wars is more your thing, you could watch that 3,504 times. A geek’s dream!

Source: Wiki

Fly around the world 1,118 times

If you didn’t need to stop to refuel it would take around 47 hours to travel around the world, so we could see the world a massive 1,118 times! The thought of it is making us feel a bit dizzy. According to Google a man once walked and it took him 11 years so that we could be over half way round by now (and totally exhausted, probably).

Source: Official Album Artwork

Source: Official Album Artwork

Listen to McFly’s discography 6,570 times

The combined length of the band’s five studio albums adds up to 236.14 minutes, which is 3.935 hours (let’s just call it four, yeah?). That means we could listen to their back catalogue an incredible 6,570 times! That’s certainly one way to fill the Album 6 void, we suppose.

Of course, we would much rather spend six years listening to new music from McFly, but we can’t have everything. Please, boys, come back soon. We’re waiting!

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