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Sam Smith’s Love For A Straight Man Inspired His Debut Album

Sam Smith has revealed the inspiration behind his debut album – get all the details HERE!

Image source: Official Facebook page

Sam Smith has revealed the inspiration behind his new album.

Speaking in an interview with The Sun, the ‘Stay With Me‘ singer said he was inspired to write his debut album ‘In The Lonely Hour‘ by a straight man whom he was in love with. He said:

It’s really tough to explain. But no, he’s not gay. Nothing ever happened between us. I know he loved me too, but not in that way. When I wrote the record I was just really heartbroken – all I wanted to do was go to the studio and write about this guy who I fell in love with.”

Smith added why he thought it wasn’t meant to be with his muse:

I feel like love is a massive spectrum. But some people are so bothered about boxes, like the way they look and the way they’ve been brought up, that they don’t let themselves go to fall in love with other people. I think that’s what happened. He had his guard up a lot.”

But before we send Sam our condolences, he assures he’s still in touch with his mystery man and that he’s no longer heartbroken:

He knows – I’ve told him everything and our relationship is great now. But he’s very wary of how he acts around me…I feel nothing towards him now. I’ll always love him but I’m not in love with him any more.”

You can listen to Sam Smith‘s latest single ‘I’m Not The Only One‘ below:

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