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Interview: Girls Can’t Catch – Email Interview – 20/01/10

Girls Can’t Catch are the latest girl group to break into the music world. Consisting of three foxy ladies with undeniable talent, they are definitely ones to watch in 2010. Each girl brings something fresh and distinctive to the group, and we’ve already seen two of them before – Phoebe in the X-Factor 2008 girl group ‘Hope’ and Daizy in the R’ n’ B group ‘The 411’.

Girls Can’t Catch have just released their second single, ‘Echo’, so I caught up with Phoebe to have a chat about the band.

HTF – Hit The Floor
P – Phoebe Brown (Girls Can’t Catch)

HTF: Hi Phoebe! How are you doing?

P: Fab thankyou! We’re loving the work were doing to promote our new single

HTF: Your new single, ‘Echo’ is out now. For those who haven’t heard it, what can they expect?

P: Its a big epic song! Its sort of r n b/pop .. Its one of our favs on the album – and its quite emotional as well!

HTF: What’s the one thing that sets you aside from the girl bands we saw last decade?

P: Well we’re 3 lead singers.. We’ve got our own quirky little styles going on, and for us its all about the music– and we’ve come to realise that we’re also really quite short haha!

HTF: What’s the story behind the band’s name, Girls Can’t Catch? And if you had to call yourselves ‘Girls Can…’ how would you finish it?

P: Well I would say girls can sing!! As we love to sing.. Our label suggested gcc to us and we fell in love with it! It was actually originally suggested for the saturdays

HTF: Phoebe, you were in The X-Factor 2007 with girl group ‘Hope’. I definitely think Simon Cowell had a soft spot for you. Did a passionate love affair take place under the radar?

P: NO WAY!! He was a great mentor but nothing else! I loved simon more as a father figure lol

HTF: The lyrics for both of your singles ‘Keep Your Head Up’ and ‘Echo’ deal with heartache. If you were on the quest for a lover for your band-mate (pick one) and were to create a dating ad, what would it say?

P: Oo that’s such a hard question…. Erm I would pick Jess and it would say ‘if u like a bit of Bournemouth u wud love a bit of Jess’

HTF: I hear your bandmate Daizy is a tarot card reader, very cool skill! Do you have any secret skills that we should know about?

P: I’m a computer nerd! If something’s broken like one of the girl’s Blackberrys then don’t panic Phoeb is here to fix it!!

HTF: Thanks very much, Phoebe. Would you like to leave our readers with a thought for the day?

P: Try hard at whatever you’re doing and make every day count!

Interviewer: Jen Jaconelli

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