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‘The Fifth Beatle’ In Production

Dark Horse’s graphic novel of Brian Epstein’s life with the Beatles is to hit the silver screen.

There was never much known about Brian Epstein, the Beatles’ reclusive manager. The live fast and die young shepard of the super group that Sir Paul McCartney walmly remembers as “the fifth Beatle”. That was until the recent release of Dark Horse’s graphic novel written by Award winning Broadway producer and Beatles fan Vivek Tiwary.

Now with world wide acclaim, a film adaption of the story is being developed with Peyton Reed (Yes Man) at the helm. Producing the story will be ‘American Beauty’ and ‘Silver Linings Playbook‘s Bruce Cohen.

Epstien was the man behind the impressive rise of the Liverpool band, The Beatles from touring dives in Germany to sell out stadiums in USA. He was the man that got the band signed and kept control of them throughout the intense Beatlemania. But his private life was just that, very private. He kept his sexuality closeted and struggled with excessive gambling and drug abuse, dying of barbiturate overdose at the age of 32.

In an amazing turn of events, ‘The Fifth Beatle’ will be the only biopic based on the band that has full access to the complete back catalogue of Beatles songs. “It took me two-and-a-half years to get those music rights,” Tiwary told IB Times. “It was really just a lot of persistence, not unlike the Brian Epstein story!…I had to keep going up the levels until I got to Sir Paul and Ringo at the top. I finally got the attention of the band and they approved my script, and that paved the way for a deal with Sony… who control the publishing rights.

Reed’s next challenge is to find his very own Brian Epstein. Bennedict Cumberbatch was pciked by Sherlock director Paul McGuigan for his own biopic over a year ago though nothing has come of that as of yet. With this new news, it is unlikely that the Sherlock couple will be able to compete with Tiwary’s rendition.

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