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Is Busted’s Comeback Single A Hit Or Shit?

They’re back and with new music! Yaaaay!

After 12 long (like, really long) years, Busted have released their first new song, ‘Coming Home’. The title is incredibly apt, describing their reunion and comeback tour perfectly, but what do we think of the song itself? We gave it a listen and here’s what we thought…

We weren’t too sure what to expect from our favourite childhood band but from the very first note, it’s clear that the trio has certainly found a new sound. It’s quite a shock to hear something so ‘grown-up’ from the band we’re used to hearing sing about teachers they fancy and women with three breasts. The opening is an instantly catchy tune that wouldn’t sound out of place on a MGMT record, boasting deep electronic sounds and dream-like, echoey vocals. When Charlie Simpson’s strong voice kicks in the song begins to sound even more intense as they build up to an anthemic, sing-along chorus of “I’m Coming Home” teamed with energetic beeps. It has to be said that the song sounded huge when we saw them perform on the first night of their tour last week. Though starting a comeback tour with a new song sounds like a stupid idea, it actually made for a really emotional and uplifting beginning to the show.

Standout lyrics include “I wanna be in your loving arms” and  “I miss my family, there’s nothing else to see”, suggesting that the song is about going away and not quite finding what they want so coming back. It seems to us that this is the ideal metaphor for Busted getting back together after all this time and once again performing in front of their fans.

As a dramatic drum beat ends the song, it feels like it stops a little bit too abruptly and there should be one last sing-along. Even so, ‘Coming Home’ has most definitely left us wanting more from the band. So we’re saying “Busted – Coming Home” is a hit!

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