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Ariana Grande Hits Back At Critics Blasting More Risque Style

Click here to read Ariana Grande’s response to critics deeming her style too sexy!

Break Free Music Video Screenshot

‘Break Free’ Music Video Screenshot

In light of recent events – in particular her new music video for ‘Break Free’ – Ariana Grande is defending her style – of which is accused of becoming more ‘sexy’.

The high-note pro originally found fame through Nickolodeon shows ‘Victorious‘ and ‘Sam & Cat‘ establishing a younger fanbase which is a possible reason for why her style has been scrutinised regarding recent appearances.

In response to the backlash the singer told Attitude: “I’ve seen people online saying, ‘It’s so sad she’s becoming a product of this industry – she’s wearing shorter and shorter skirts and showing more and more skin’. I’m like, ‘Yeah, because I want to’.

She added: “Believe me, if I don’t want to do something I will not do it, and I say that with every ounce of passion in my body. I’m a very flexible person but if I feel like you want me to compromise my views or myself as an artist, you can go f**k yourself.”

Do you have a ‘Problem‘ with Ariana’s style or are people out to find flaws? Check out her latest video for ‘Break Free‘ below and drop us a comment!

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