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The 16 Best Things About Carly Rae Jepsen’s ‘Boy Problems’ Video!

Why are you so good Jepsen?!

Pop princess Carly Rae Jepsen has released a video for the catchy tune ‘Boy Problems’ and we can’t stop watching it (or listening to it!). Here’s a list of all the things we love about it:

1. Carly’s new rock chic hair do. Loving it!

2. That Tiara. Go Gothic prom queen Carly!

3. Bold graphics! 90’s flashback anyone?

4. Colours. It’s fun, bold, and makes it easier to watch.

5. A Selfie snapping corpse…

6. …And the corpse can sing

7. Carly jumps on the bed, but daintily enough not to break it. Safety first!

8. Group hug! We wanna join in!

9. Sparkles. What’s the point in a party without glitzy streamers

10. Corded phone, mobile phone, laptop, tablet. Equal opportunities for technology.

11. Black to gold, is there anything Carly can’t rock?

12. Great use of squares. It’s a bit Brandy Bunch!

13. Dramatic over-the-shoulder shot.

14. Girl power! The lyrics, the casting; it rivals the Spice Girls!

15. That dreamy Na Na Na Na Na refrain

16. It’s got Carly Rae in it!

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