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OMG! Scooter Just Made 2020 Not Entirely Shit – ‘FCK 2020’

“First we save the rave, then we save the world!”

Scooter FCK 2020

Source: Screenshot

Just when everyone was about to just write this year off as a steaming pile of shit, techno god Scooter comes along and just pisses all over the 2020 fire with the anthem of the decade! (Yes we realise this is year one of a decade, but just believe us ok?)

FCK 2020 see’s Scooter at his gibberish best as he basically tells the year to fuck off (as the title suggest) with all the pumping bass, blaring sirens and non-sensical lyrics we have all come to know and love from scoots!

“Feeling like fools….we hate all the rules”

This honestly this made me so happy I may have done a bit of a cry.

I mean the song literally ends on the line “Stuck on the wrong channel, like chained to a dead camel!”. Obviously dead camels aren’t funny, but neither is 2020 so what an accurate anology!

Just watch it…let the FCK 2020 revolution begin!

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