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The Wrens Reveal New Music Snippet

56 second long clip cut from the album has been posted online

Source: Press Release

The Wrens have unveiled a recording of new music online – the clip was posted via their social media accounts. Although the 56 second long snippet has been cut from their forthcoming album, it is still the first music revealed by the band in 11 years.

Accompanying the clip, The Wrens wrote on their Facebook page:

“sometimes you work & you work and you still throw it away ’cause it doesn’t fit. This is one of the more recent cutting-room-floor bits, freshly sliced only yesterday. Was originally verses, then verses w/ a diff. chord progression & melody serving as a Pre-Chorus w/ the 12-string picking all through, then dressed down to this v. w/ 12-strings & percussion only coming in at the end etc.etc.

Then, it drifts to the virtual floor, a discarded slice of 1’s & 0’s film…

It was revealed on May 1st that their new album is complete – its title and release date, however, are yet to be announced.

Take a listen to the cut on Soundcloud:

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