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Sub Pop Make Nirvana “Fan’s” Dream Come True (Well, Sort Off)

Isn’t it nice to see a dream come true….even if that dream is a tad dumb and naive. Well check out Sub-Pop record’s brilliant response to a idiotic fan girl here!

Staff at record label Sub Pop have posed as Nirvana after a dimwitted “fan” of the band wrote to the label requesting that Kurt Cobain and co record a video message for a university football team in Virginia.

The unnamed fan wrote to Sub Pop requesting that Nirvana “send a quick video” and say: “What up Virginia Tech? This is Nirvana! Just wanted to wish you a Happy Homecoming week and good luck at the game this Saturday. Let’s Go Hokies!”

Unfortunately as most Nirvana fans know frontman Kurt Cobain has been dead for 19 years, but what’s that to stop a naive girl from having her wish come true. The label texted the video below to the girl, and even got a reply saying “You are the best, thank you guys, you are awesome”. Check out the hilariously absurd video below!

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