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Jack White Frustrated By Fans On Phones

Jack White has expressed his frustration that too many fans are on their phones texting and taking pictures instead of showing their appreciation for the music.

Source: Facebook

Jack White has spoken out against fans who end up spending most of the time at his shows on their phones. In an interview with Rolling Stone, White lamented about the lack of energy from today’s fans stating that they don’t even clap anymore since they are too busy texting.

With the obvious increase in mobile phone use it can’t be ignored that so many of todays concert goers are preoccupied with using their phones whether for Facebook updates, taking pictures or recording video instead of simply enjoying the show.

White added that, while he knows many other musicians don’t seem too bothered by this fact, he feels let down since the energy he gives out to the crowd isn’t being returned. Maybe his upcoming album Lazaretto, released June 9th, will inspire some life back into his phone crazed fan base.

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