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It’s Was 20 Years Ago Today That Jarvis “Mooned” Jacko!

Earth Song will never be the same again!

It might be hard to imagine now that he presents soothing radio and hawks the benefits of adding pesto to sausage casseroles, but 20 years ago today Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker became public enemy/hero number 1 at The Brit Awards.

Urban myth says that Jarvis “mooned” Michael Jackson. While no bare bum was exposed, Jarvis did waft his arse in the direction of Jacko. Speaking to Newsnight following Jackson’s death in 2009, Jarvis said: “He was pretending to be Jesus. I’m not religious but I think, as a performer myself, the idea of someone pretending to have the power of healing is just not right. Rock stars have big enough egos without pretending to be Jesus – that was what got my goat, that one particular thing.”

Jacko’s performance of “The Earth Song” featured him giving a messianic performance surrounded by children (oh hindsight!) with definite allusions made to his god-like healing power.

Cocker was arrested for the incident, amid claims that he assaulted some of the children during the process of his stage invasion. Seemingly just to add a new question for pub quizes, Bob Mortimer (of Vic and Bob fame) represented the Pulp frontman, having trained pre-fame as a solicitor.

As expected, the newspapers went into split camps, with some papers criticizing his actions and many of the music weeklys calling for Cocker to be knighted. Cocker then issued this brilliantly half arsed apology during a press conference.

So let us all remember the brilliant moment a bespectacled and gangly indie singer managed to take the king of pop down a peg!

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