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Interview: Thao With The Get Down Stay Down – Email Interview – 07/04/10

Today I bring you an interview from a completely awesome band from A.M.E.R.I.C.A. that you maybe won’t have heard of before. The other week me and Chris were sitting in our lounges… at opposite ends of the country, listening to the sweet beats of Thao With The Get Down Stay Down, without any knowledge that each other had even heard of them before – and just as Chris posted their single, ‘When We Swam’ up on the site, I was securing an interview with these fine specimens of musical brilliance. It was a real ‘moment’, although I’m not entirely sure it comes across that way in the story I’m telling you.
I am really keen for you to all find out more about Thao With The Get Down Stay Down (The Get Down Stay Down are the two blokes stood next to Thao in the picture. They go by the name of Willis and Adam). They make kinky slinky spunky pop tunes that sound like a wonderful summers breeze. A.K.A. they are seriously cool and worth a listen. So – read my interview with Thao to find out a bit more about the band and you can always click on the hyperlink above if you want to listen to them/watch the video that Christoph posted. Peace out.

HTF – Hit The Floor
T – Thao

HTF – Hello! How are you?

T – I am very well, thank you. I hope you are well as well.

HTF – I really am, many thanks for asking.

HTF – How would you describe your band’s sound?

T – I once called it dirty pop but Willis informed me that is the name of an N’SYNC song or album or some such so now I am back to mumbling.

HTF – Thao – your two gentlemen comrade band mates, Adam and Willis, are known as ‘The Get Down Stay Down’. How did this name formulate?

T – Pretty vague and unromantic origins- but I think Willis said get down, and I said get down stay down. Fair disclaimer though my memory is no steel trap.

HTF – On your website you have an amazing video created for your fans to get to know you better. When Willis makes Thao and Adam cry – Adam puts his tissue on his nose. I need to know – does Adam cry out of his

T – He actually cries out of his hands but they need to be holding a tissue to his nose for maximum tear duct function.

HTF – Incredible.

HTF – What’s the story behind your new album, ‘Know Better Learn Faster’?

T – A lot of it is about the end of a relationship. A lot of it is an audit of what two people did and did not do. The rest is about other equally troubling non romantic relationships.

HTF – What is your usual song writing process?

T – crydrinkwrite

HTF – You are such a happy band, like a breath of fresh air. What three things make you the most happy?

T – Thank you, we do like to have a good time. as band spokesperson i will say:

1. Fresh produce
2. People who come to a show willing to share their evening with us.
3. that survival show Man Vs. Wild. that fellow is English isn’t he?

good work yall.

HTF – Yes, he is. Chris and Mike from HTF are perfect examples of the Wild that Vs. the Man.

HTF – What is your band’s ethos?

T – stay grateful and don’t be an asshole.

HTF – Any last words?

T – In one episode of Man. Vs. Wild he CLIMBED INSIDE a camel carcass to wait out a desert sand storm.

HTF – See readers – not only do we bring you great music from great bands, we also give you an education. Thanks very much, Thao!

Interviewer: Jen Jaconelli.

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