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Interview: Plain White T’s – Tim Lopez

Lois caught up with Tim from the Plain White T’s to talk about their new album, crazy fans, reindeer and the sexual experience of their new record Rhythm of Love!!

Interview - Plain White T's

Plain White T’s were due to play over few weeks back to promote their new single ‘Rhythm of Love‘ until singer Tom Higgenson suddenly fell ill and the show had to be cancelled leaving us all distraught. We gave lead guitarist Tim Lopez a call and see how Tom’s getting on and also find out a bit more about the single and also chat a little bit about christmas!

HTF: Hit The Floor

Tom: Tim Lopez (Lead Guitarist)

HTF: Hey Tim! We heard you had to cancel the show due to Tom being ill. How is he?

Tim: You know I haven’t actually talked to him yet. Someone text him yesterday saying “things are going well over here, how are you?”And all he text back was to say “your phone works over there!!??”

HTF: When he’s well again do you plan to come back over here again soon?

Tim: I mean soon, I wish we didn’t have to cancel this show. We’ve already had to postpone it twice and I think whoever has tickets for this show must be so fed up for us by now. We are gonna come back. But we got alot of stuff going on. We start a full US tour January. So it might not be till March!

HTF: How would you sum up your live show to perhaps entice people back?

Tim: It’s kinda like a good buzz and sex at the same time. But sex on stage without offending people!

HTF: So your new album Wonders of Younger that’s released soon is it?

Tim: Yeah the release date over here is the 6th December I believe.

HTF: You’ve said that you want to take fans to unexpected places. How would you say this album compares to previous releases?

Tim: You know for us this is the first time we had any sort of model or theme that goes into the writing process. Tom writes most of our songs and had gone to see a show is Las Vegas, Cirque de soliel. That was the original inspiration. I feel like the songs do take you somewhere pretty mystical. I don’t want to paint the whole thing up to be really themed cos listening to 14 songs about feeling nostalgic about your youth is not something I would want to listen to. That’s not how it goes. There’s a couple just normal love songs we became famous for, some up-tempo rock songs and its just kinda all over the map really.

HTF: Is it similar to previous albums in that way?

Tim: Yeah, I mean it’s a little more musically developed on this album whereas on our last it was a lot more stripped down. Sounded like you were listening to just the 5 of us playing.

HTF: The first single you’re releasing is the Rhythm of Love.  Is there something in particular that made you choose this track to release first?

Tim: In the states it’s not really always up to us. And with our label well usually pick out 3 or 4 potentials that could be the first single. Half the band were originally opposed to it cos they didn’t like the idea of me singing the first song.

HTF: Does that put a lot of pressure on you?

Tim: At first it did, with earlier TV performances and not really having had that experience before. But now it’s all worked itself out and everyone’s on board with promoting this as the first song. We didn’t wanna confuse the fans and say this is the new song by Plain White T’s it sounds nothing like tom.

HTF: Do you think the fans will be confused by it?

Tim: It depends if they are die-hard PWT’s fans and like where’s tom!? I’m not sure how I feel about this. But if it’s just the general public then they most people just care do I like this song.

HTF: It feels very summery.

Tim: Yeah. Right in the dead in the winter!

HTF: So it’s called wonders of younger and creates feelings of nostalgia. When you were younger who was the person that inspired you to take up music?

Tim: A lot of my friends were playing before I was. I didn’t start playing guitar seriously until I was maybe 20, I wish I had started earlier. A lot of friends were already playing bands in high school, and it was just watching how people gravitate towards a singer-song writer or any time you can pick up a guitar in a room people are instantly in a trance watching. You know. I was always jealous of that. That’s what got me going. I spent all my junior high and high school going to a lot of punk rock shows. I just loved that scene and wanted to be on stage.

HTF: Christmas is coming so I thought I’d ask some fun questions. How are you spending your Christmas?

Tim: Well my family still lives in southern California. And I live in Austin texas. So ill fly out to see them in Santa Barbara first and then I think we’re all gonna drive to Lake Tahoe and go snowboarding and do a little gift exchange up there. Gamble and get drunk.

HTF: Do you have a favourite reindeer?

Tim: Oh god haven’t thought about that in a long time.

HTF: Can you name them all?

Tim: Not a chance! I mean i could name a few. Can you name them all??

HTF: Ohh yes. Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen!! Cupids a good one. Cupid should be your favourite.

Tim: He’s a lover not a fighter.

HTF: Haha. Do you have a favourite Christmas song?

Tim: I love Jimmy Eat Worlds version of Last Christmas.

HTF: Oh yeah that’s a great one! So is there anything new for you coming up, obviously you’ve got the album but is there anything you think fans should check out?

Tim: Over here I just hope people are excited to come see the band. We’ve been gone for so long and we were getting a lot of emails and a lot of people getting frustrated with us. We’ve been trying so desperately to get over here. And we spent a lot of time putting out a record in the states that people didn’t really get over here. So I’m just hoping the tours gonna go well and everyone is excited to hang out with the band and stuff . I have a feeling were gonna tour for the next year and a half. So we could be over here a lot. But you know, it’s tough when you ask that  question, but to tell you the truth were gonna be living on a bus for the next year and a half. And won’t have anytime to do anything else.

HTF: Do you have any really intense fans?

Tim: We have this really funny fan in the states. She was maybe like 15/16 when she first started coming to shows. And now shes probably 20/21 an we, not in a super mocking way, but kinda mimic her voice all the time. She’ll come to the shows and she got like a mouth full of braces and a full lisp on her voice and she told us one this one time (mimicks super brace fan) “I ssskipped my prom to come to your concert tonight!!” It’s almost kinda sad, that she loves us that much, (mimics again) “If you guys ever broke up… I think I would kill mysssself.”

HTF: Oh my god!!! No pressure then!?

Tim: Yeah so we kinda have that pressure on us to stay together forever to keep her living. But she’ll stand outside the gates at a show and there will be people screaming and I can instantly pick out her voice of a crowd.

HTF: Aww do you sign a lot of stuff for her?

Tim: Yeaahh of course. She always like “can I kisss you the cheek?” ahh go ahead.

HTF: Anything more you wanna say about the single sell it to the masses?

Tim: I just keep getting sexual with it! Everyone asks, but I think the lyrics are like a fine line between a one night stand and then between just romance. It wasn’t intended to be a one night stand but everybody keeps asking “so, have you discovered the rhythm of love?” and you know I think we’re always just joking around that the tempo of our song is the perfect tempo to have sex to.

HTF: So people should go out and buy it to have sex to it?

Tim: Yes. Buy it and then, try it out. How old are your readers for this article? Old enough I hope! Or Im gonna start getting letters in the mail from their parents.

HTF: Haha. “we’ve been told by this magazine to have sex to your record”

Tim: Have sex to our songs but… wear a condom!!!

HTF: So have safe sex to the record. Dont think about it too much, just make sure your safe! Maybe well start a poll. Did you have sex to this song. Did you enjoy it. Etc.

Tim: There you go! Were gonna change the world! One sexual experience at a time.

Rhythm of Love single is out now to buy and download! The album Wonders of Younger is out today 6th December so the sooner you purchase the sooner you can let us know if this really is the perfect song to have sex to, but remember kids, always play safe.

Interviewer: Lois Honeywill

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