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HTF Introducing: Robot Disaster

Bristol/Midlands based band, Robot Disaster, are next up on HTF Introducing. They have already got exposure on the ever-cool Topshop Radio, and Art Rocker Magazine has described them as “a less painful and much cummier Test icicles.” Their style is a very popular indie pop sound of our time and I think it would be hard to not like their cheeky, vibrant and playful persona. I’m not doing an interview for this one, as I have a brilliant video documentary to show you instead! I’m also including a review of one of their live shows. Enjoy!

Robot Disaster were possibly one of the most passionate bands I’ve seen in a while, be the music good or bad! I can’t personally believe that anyone would call their band Robot Disaster. To me it screams: ‘Oh hey I’m stuck in the New Rave days, wearing brightly coloured tight pants and sporting ray-ban rip offs indoors!’ Well to a certain extent I was right but, luckily enough for them, charm for me often rules over fashion mistakes! I am after all part of the JEDWARD appreciation society (or would be if such thing really existed).

I watched the boys bounce clumsily onto the stage grabbing their audience’s attention from the word go. As the front man tripped over his microphone they immediately fell for him. If not a lot of actual love then at least a lot of camaraderie flew his way as the Brummy lad shrugged it off, recovered his trip (in perhaps more ways than one) and with a charming cheeky grin successfully started flirting with the contents of the front row. The crowded room soon found themselves clapping and singing along, quickly learning the words of the catchy lyrics, and by the end of the opening song, scenesters were dancing and smiling, clearly enjoying the night. The words were easy and repetitive and all you would expect from a band that looked like they’d been drop kicked through TopMan. The lads threw around their guitars and sung with each-other in a united fashion, giving out a feeling of LOVE.

Previously described as a friendlier, cuddlier Test Icicles (RIP), it was easy to spot some similarities, without seeing anything icy or cold about Robot Disaster. They seemed as lovable as they were energetic and at one point, catching the eyes of their confident curly haired slight Seth Cohen wannabe, I even felt a warm connection as if being hugged by words. Shouty yet poptastic lyrics contained words that nonetheless made me smile secretly along with the audience around me.

In conclusion the band seem eager to impress individuals and make many friends on the way. Camden barfly is a non dissapointer: cheap drinks, groomed indie kids.. what more could you want or; for you on the surface grungers.. maybe (not admit-ably want) from an electro night. With easy to learn lyrics and catchy recognizable riffs, its not hard to make new best-friend listening here. Even if it is kept to yourself and only listened to when alone in your bedroom-and you pretend it’s your little sister’s when it’s found in your CD collection. DO IT!

myspace dot com forward slash the robot disaster!
new single: BOY OUT NOW!

Reviewer: Bella Kavanagh.

Check out the video for Boy here!

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