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HTF Introducing: My Forever

My Forever are a gem of melodic pop/rock frivolity who are just about to be unleashed on the BBC Introducing stage at Reading & Leeds. Jen HTF has a chat with boys to find out more…

HTF loves bringing you new talent from under the radar that’s right on the cusp of bursting onto the scene. My Forever are a gem of melodic pop/rock frivolity who are just about to be unleashed on the BBC Introducing stage at Leeds&Reading, due to Matt Seymour from BBC Radio York submitting their EP ‘Silhouettes & Paper Birds’ to the panel.

Meeting by chance and discovering their likened musical taste and dream to make something worth hearing, My Forever have created a bond through thoughtful, vividly encapsulating tracks that illustrate a lust for life. Their song ‘Silken Butterflies’ has just been hailed record of the week on the BBC Radio 1 playlist and it’s more than clear that these guys are in for a rapid journey straight to the top. I spoke to Dave Ingham, guitarist and general musical wizard, about what makes My Forever.

HTF – Please introduce yourselves

My Forever- We are ‘My Forever’ from Leeds/Scarborough. My Forever was formed by Roy Williamson (Vocals) and myself, Dave Ingham (Guitar, backing vocals). On our current record ‘Silhouettes & Paper Birds’ it is just Roy (Vocals) and myself (Guitar, backing vocals and the rest of the instruments) but for our live shows we are joined by James Potter (Keys), Glen Mancrief (Bass) and Ben Watson (Drums).

HTF – How would you describe your sound?

My Forever- Freaking AWESOME! haha! We’d describe it as commercial sounding rock/pop which reflects life’s experiences both the highs and the lows. Others have described it as anthemic power pop that instantly makes you feel like it’s always been part of the soundtrack of your life. Our sound is full of great guitar riffs, soaring melodies and rich vocals and harmonies.

HTF – What sets you aside and makes you unique?

My Forever – As one of our songs, ‘Those Summer Months’ says it is all about, “the music, the music, the music, the music”. We believe that it all starts with great songwriting, so we work very hard on this aspect. We want our songs to be unstoppably memorable and able to stand up on their own. Everything else follows from this, in the studio we work very hard on the performance and on the production. What I think makes us unique is that we take our musical roots and influences and combine them into something modern, fresh and exciting which feels instantly familiar but at the same time new and different.

HTF – Who are your musical influences?

My Forever – We both have similiar influences such as bands like: The Goo Goo Dolls, Silversun Pickups, Dashboard Confessional, Death Cab For Cutie, The Rocket Summer, the list goes on and on.

HTF – How did My Forever form?

My Forever – Roy and I met at the beginning of last summer whilst out with mutual friends. We realised we both had similar musical tastes and at the time I was looking for a vocalist to start a new band. Over the summer I heard Roy’s vocals on some recordings he sent to me and realised his voice was exactly what I was looking for. We then arranged to have a first jam session in October 2009 which is when we wrote ‘Silken Butterflies’ (Radio 1’s current record of the week) and both realised we had a strong musical connection. As cheesy as it sounds, there was some magic in the room, things just clicked and we both felt that we were on to something quite special.

HTF – You’ve been asked to play on the BBC Introducing stage at Leeds/Reading – how did it feel to be asked to do that?

My Forever – It felt amazing! I was at home recording demo’s for some ‘new’ My Forever material and Roy was in Scarborough at his graduation and I just randomly checked the ‘My Forever’ email account and the first one that popped up was the email asking us to play at Leeds & Reading and at first I couldn’t quite believe it, I had to rub my eyes a few times haha! I was so excited I immediately rang Roy who was in the middle of is graduation ceremony and he whispered down the phone “whats up dave, I’m in the middle of graduation”… and I told him the good news and he immediately shouted at the top of his voice “YESSS, woohoooo” and all his friends apparently turned and looked at him and when he told everyone they all erupted in a big cheer for him. So it was a really nice moment for both of us! Me on the phone shouting “woohoooo” to him and then him and his friends at his graduation shouting “woohooo” back down the phone. It was a moment to remember!

HTF – Do you have any special band bonding techniques?

My Forever – Not really but we just make sure we take time to hang out together which we feel is really important. Even when we’re not doing band stuff me and Roy are always hanging out together having beach fires with friends, going on endless road trips and generally just having an awesome time. The rest of the guys in the band are a great bunch. We all get along really well which is a huge bonus.

HTF – You are allowed one special power – what would it be?

My Forever – We both would like to have the power to go back in time. Roy wishes he could go back to see how his home town of Scarborough has changed over the years “it fascinates me that I would know my way around and all the street names would be the same but it would be totally different”. For myself I’d like to go back to May 1975 so I could see Led Zeppelin’s legendary Earls Court concerts.

HTF – What influences and inspires your song writing?

My Forever – We are both inspired by our love of summer, travelling and life’s experiences and remember we’re talking about an English summer here – happy summer anthems and occasional days where the mood is a little darker. For Roy, lyrically he is inspired by everything thats happened to him during his life and feels that everything he writes is in someway auto-biographical since we are all influenced by seeing the world through the filter of our own eyes and experience. For myself I am also inspired by everything thats happened to me in my life and things I see and come across everyday but unlike Roy I use the music to express my feelings and try to create songs that are full of emotion that can move people.

HTF – What’s the best thing about being in My Forever?

My Forever – Along with the amazing times, the gigs and the music, the best thing about being in My Forever is having the means to express our creativity and to bring the music we create to other people. The best thing for us is seeing the reaction that other people have to the music we’ve created. It means the world to us when someone else loves our music as much as we do, it’s the most rewarding feeling ever… and then of course we needed some way of getting the girls.

HTF – Smooth. Thanks boys and good luck at Leeds & Reading, you will rock it x

My Forever will be performing on the BBC Introducing Stage at Leeds Festival on the 27th August at 16:35 and Reading Festival on the 28th August at 16:55.

Their debut EP ‘Silhouettes & Paper Birds’ was released on the 6th July on iTunes & Amazon and has had a phenomenal response. Their music will also be available to purchase through their website soon –

Below is an acoustic performance of their single Silken Butterflies:

Interviewer: Jen Jaconelli

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