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HTF Introducing: Louise Golbey

HTF Introducing is proud to present to you Louise Golbey. With a sound reminiscent of the seductive tones of Erykah Badu and a string of esteemed DJs, producers and artists recognising her talents, it’s a dead cert she’ll be signed in no time.

HTF Introducing is proud to present to you Louise Golbey. When I first heard Golbey, I was instantly reminded of the seductive tones of Erykah Badu and the sultry funk/soul/jazz melodic backdrop of greats such as The Brand New Heavies. Although reminiscent of past artists in these somewhat ‘niche’ urban styles, she holds a unique freshness which has led her to gain recognition from esteemed DJs, producers and artists. I am blown away by the people she has worked with and supported, and as she continues to cultivate her craft, it’s more than obvious she will get signed and shoot to the top, in fact, it’s a travesty she hasn’t been already! Check out my HTF Introducing interview with her below – and be sure to check out the wicked videos.

HTF – When did you first realise your talent?

LG – I’ve always been surrounded by music, I come from a very musical family – my Grandfather played violin, my Uncle plays piano and violin, my Mum sings light opera, my Dad plays every instrument under the sun and I play the piano. I guess I caught the performing bug very early on as I was going to dance classes at the age of 2 and was in my first show at the age of 6 with my mum at our local theatre!

At home we listened to a lot of soul and Motown (my parents’ record collection) and my brother got me into Hip Hop when I was very young as he used to play De La Soul and Salt and Pepper all the time!

HTF – Your music is a gorgeous mixture of jazz, soul and r&b. Who would you say are your top musical influences?

LG – Ahh thank you!

I absolutely love 70’s soul vocalists such as Minnie Riperton and Marlena Shaw. I also love the technique and musicality of jazz vocalists such as Ella Fitzgerald and Nina Simone.

Production wise, I love anything with a good groove, I love neo-soul… Erykah badu, D’Ang

elo, Jill Scott. But with the producers I’m working with I want to make sure we maintain a British sound…

HTF – Describe your sound in 3 words.

LG – British. Soul. Nu-Jazz.

HTF – You recently took part in the BBC Introducing weekend at Maida Vale Studios, where you recorded some of your tracks with your band which shows the recognition you’re starting to get. What was this experience like for you as an emerging artist?

LG – Yes, it was such an incredible experience… recording in a place with so much musical history where so many amazing artists had recorded before. As an unsigned artists… this was such an honour.

The opportunity arose from being asked to play at Glastonbury last year on the BBC Introducing stage after Ras Kwame played one of my tracks on his Homegrown show on 1Xtra. Since Glastonbury, the BBC DJs have been so supportive of me, playing my tracks on the BBC Introducing shows on Radio1, 1Xtra and 6Music which then led to me being asked if I’d like to record for their special Maida vale weekender!

You can see the little video diaries I did for both Glastonbury and Maida Vale on YouTube as well as watching the performances and you can listen to my Maida Vale recordings here.

Ras Kwame also features in my music video for my track ‘Same Old Same Old’ and the BBC Introducing came and filmed behind the scenes on the day of the shoot! Here is the video.

HTF – You’ve supported Krystle Warren – one of my all time favourite artists. What do you get out of theexperience of supporting other artists?

LG – Yes she’s amazing. What a unique voice and performer! It is an absolute honour to be put on the same bill as any successful artist who I’d admire. It inspires me and makes me want to work even harder.

I have had several opportunities supporting other great artists. Omar a couple of years ago (who is one of the best male vocalists out there), Vula and Sharlene Hector (Basement Jaxx), Kele Le Roc and an American artist called Choklate quite recently.

HTF – If there was one band or artist you could work with, who would it be?
LG – I would LOVE to do a duet with John legend! I don’t mean this in a big-headed way – but I actually think our voices would blend really well together! Seriously though, I think he is such a talented singer and songwriter. I love his tone and delivery when he sings.

HTF – What’s been your career highlight as a musician so far?

LG – I was invited recently on Ronnie Herel’s show on Radio 1Xtra to do a live interview and performance. Walking into the Radio 1/1xtra building, seeing the photos of artists who had been in the studio before me – it was quite overwhelming!

Also, during the interview, knowing that it was going out live was pretty terrifying but what a buzz! It all went really well and Ronnie and his team made myself and my musicians feel so welcome, he dedicated so much time and effort to my feature on his show. I really appreciate his support. It meant so much as an unsigned artist to be given such great exposure on a show like that.

Ronnie had already been playing my tracks on his show and the interview was the icing on the cake. Here is a video of the whole interview.

HTF – What are you working on at the moment?

LG – I am currently working on lots of new material – including a French version of my song ‘How It Is’ (produced by 8Trak)!

I’ve just finished recording the next single called ‘A Little While Longer’ with Drew Horley (producer who has worked with De la Soul, Estelle, Nate James, TY etc) and also will be filming a music video for that very soon.

Also, I’m going to release a song called Mr Potential (produced by Alex Morris) which I’m also about to do a music video for! So I may do a double single release! (Ronnie Herel has already been showing love for the track on his 1Xtra show!).

I have also done a few collaborations recently – I recorded a soulful House remix of a Jill Scott track. which will hopefully be released soon and feature on a track with the Newham Generals (signed to Dizzie Rascal’s label). Watch this space!

HTF – What is your song writing process?

LG – It depends actually from song to song.

I often sit at the piano and play around with some chords and then write a melody on top of it. Or a melody will come to me and then I’ll sit down and work out what chords work underneath. Or I’ll have lyric ideas which I then hope will inspire a melody!

Also, co-writing with people is a different method all together. Either we will sit in a studio and start from scratch or it may stem form an idea I have or they have.. or it will be an instrumental given to me by a producer which I write a melody and lyrics to and then we will develop the song and structure together from that. As I said it varies!

HTF – You look so happy when you perform. Is that your favourite thing about being a musician?

LG – I do absolutely LOVE performing. The feeling of being on stage is like no other. Especially when you feel like the audience is really with you.

HTF – Where and when is your next gig?

I will be performing at UK Soul Jam at The Jazz Caf̩ in Camden this Sunday (1st August) РTerri Walker is headlining. Should be a good show!

Interviewer: Jen Jaconelli

Below is the video for Louise Golbey’s track – Same Old Same Old.

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