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HTF Introducing: Club Smith

This week on HTF Introducing, I bring you Club Smith, a group of Leeds based pop dissenters who have created an unmatchable sound by fusing their consumingly troubled personal thoughts into a forceful collective of woeful lyrics, laced with mirthful melodic intricacies. I came across them a few weeks ago at a charity gig at Vivaz, Scarborough and they were wicked. So – sit back, relax, get a warm beverage and let Club Smith’s euphonic brilliance wash over you.

HTF – Hit The Floor
CS – Club Smith

HTF – Please introduce your band.

CS – Hello we are Club Smith from Leeds – we are Neil, Sam, Lee and Vijay.

HTF – How did the band form?

CS – 3 of us used to be in a band together and Vijay joined us shortly after which is when we decided to start a new band really. It’s not an exciting story I’m afraid but basically a couple of twists and turns in our lives made us want to form this band.

HTF – Who are your musical heros?

CS – Wow, heroes is a tough one. In a lot of cases they make amazing albums that I think are beautiful then go on to make quite poor ones. Apart from Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes – I’m pretty sure everything he has done was really good, so him!

HTF – How would you describe your musical style?

CS – It’s kind of rousing guitar music but I tend to describe it based on the lyrical themes. It’s a reflection on feelings of hope, failure, grief and joy. Sounds pretentious but if I just said “it’s a bit dark and that” I’d be equally as lame. The songs are a look at a lot of feelings about life really, looking at the difference between who I am and who I think I am/want to be and then trying to put it out in a way that people can relate to. Another website described it as a “self-help” guide. So yeah, it’s a bit dark and that.

HTF – What’s the best thing about Club Smith?

CS – I hope the best thing is that we wear our hearts on our sleeves and it seems honest music. I hope the worst thing isn’t that we’re too wrapped up thinking that everyone cares that we have our hearts on our sleeves. It’s a really difficult line to walk!

HTF – Do you have any special/weird band bonding techniques?

CS – Up till recently we used to bond a lot by inadvertently choosing really bad vehicles to travel to gigs in. Our latest tour was hiccup free but we’ve broken a lot of cars. Just last month me and Lee were sat in a broken-down Micra outside Kings Lynn from 1.30am till 7am. We bonded over how much we hated the RAC at that particular point.

HTF – Tell us a bit about your current and future releases.

CS – Our last one was “The Loss EP” in March and our next is “The Process EP” in June. I’m really proud of both, we had some real luck with getting some great producers (Jamie Ellis and James Kenosha) working together on it with us. You can get the loss ep on itunes now I believe. Please do.

HTF – When and where is your next gig?

CS – Wakefield this Saturday (3rd april), Scarborough 30th April and then hopefully a heap of touring in June for the next EP!

Interviewer: Jen Jaconelli
Check out Club Smith’s amazing song, ‘Lament’ from their recently released debut EP, The Loss.

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